Confirmed Bugs in Survival dimension

I created this topic for one intention, quick bug report. I’ve noticed most of the players don’t often make bugs report and one of the reasons is due to it’s original format. If you find a bug, just comment in this topic and I will add it. Providing videos are useful, but not necessary for here.

Confirmed Bugs in Survival dimension:

  • Nebula boosters don’t spawn while wearing nebula armor
  • Unable to purchase Painter’s items at low happiness
  • Unable to reforge while Goblin Tinkerer is at max happiness
  • Unable to get items back after selling for a NPC (Money stays and item gets deleted)

afaik bees knees doesnt consume normal arrows, bug was present few runs ago (approx 4), idk if fixed


It was fixed according to this post, Nether


Does this mean it wasn’t already fixed according to here?

I am gonna assume that at his max happiness, Goblin Tinkerer is present in his home underground with Mechanic and Dye Trader as his neighbors.
I think the problem you mention here is that players cannot sell items to him at max happiness, not /reforge

A couple more bugs:

  1. Wires and actuators don’t get consumed after being placed, that one is obvious
  2. If a player comes to an area with a lot of drops, i.e. in their farm or after a digging session, the items aren’t picked up right away, sometimes there is a delay, sometimes the items are collected into inventory and then thrown out (“reverted” is probably a more suitable word)