[Closed] PvP Tournament

What is this, and how does it work?
What it is: This is an official brack-based PvP tournament, which will be hosted on DG’s /PvP dimension. It will be a 1v1 tournament, with prizes being dealt out to the first, second, and third place winners at the end of the event.

How it works: Once the entry deadline of 12/22/2016 CST has passed, versus brackets will be created and posted. Rounds will then take place when both opponents are online, along with either Blanc or myself (to referee the match). The winners will progress towards and face one another until there is only one left standing. The battles will consist of up to 5 rounds. To win the battle, you need to win 3 rounds. Each round has a grace period in between, in which you must return to the starting position, and be full health before the next round can begin.

[i]Note:[/i] Each player will be able to pick one weapon per round, that will then not be allowed to be used by their opponent, or themselves during that round.

How to Enter
To enter, just leave your account name, along with any aliases you use, along with your skill level (A+, A, A-, B, etc. contact Blanc or myself to find out what your skill level is, if you do not already know.), time zone, and when you can be online. Entries submitted past the date of: 12/22/2016 CST will be instantly rejected (provided we have enough participants at this time).
You can also enter by PMing Blanc or myself (just make sure we confirm your entry).
IGN: Lord Avery
Aliases: Swag_Master_MLG
Skill Level: B
Time Zone: CST
Online: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM CST Mon-Fri

1.) Normal PvP rules apply. Hacking or mods of any kind will result in an instant disqualification from the tournament, along with a ban from the server.

2.) Be a good sport. Don’t rub in your victory, and don’t cry about your loss.

3.) Do not use any form of teleportation (Rod of Discord, Magic Mirror and its upgrades/variants, /tp and or other commands). Any use of teleportation will result in an immediate disqualification. Frozen Turtle Shell is also prohibited, along with holding a Portal Gun, due to its unique ability to ignore physics remove friction.

[i]Note:[/i] Prizes are to be determined, and may be changed as late as the tournament entry date.

First place:

Second place:

Third Place:

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Even tho I’ll be moderating this shit, I’m still going to participate. Gotta teach crane who’s boss 8) (much love crane)
IGN: Blanc
Alts: None (all my alts get deleted once they’re discovered)
Skill Level: B ~ B+ (classify me as B cus rusty)
Time Zone: Mountain Time
Online: Mon - Fri 4PM ~ 9PM Sat - Sun 12AM ~ 12PM

IGN: SolarDeity
Alts: Heinaus
Skill Level: C+
Time Zone: Mountain Time
Online: 5AM - 11PM

If anyone else wants me to post their info here, give me a shout!

IGN: harmfulcrane
Alts: none
Skill Level: B-
Time Zone: Central Time
Online: 7AM - 10PM weekdays 1PM - 12AM weekends

IGN: Augustina
Alts: Dub
Skill Level: C-
Time Zone: GMT +3
Online: Varys

IGN: Deceitful Deity
Alts: Cragtock, [RNG] Cragtock
Skill Level: C
Time Zone: PT
Online: 12PM - 8PM

IGN: NorthernTilt
Alts: Sharks
Skill Level: C
Time Zone: EST
Online: 2PM - 5:30PM

IGN: Quill
Alt: N/A
Skill: C
Time Zone: PST
Online: Random

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I’ll offer the prizes with 2 R11s (Colored of my choice) and 1 mil for 1st Place. 1 R10, 250k for 2nd place. Nothing for 3rd.

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We already have access to prizes, as this is an official tournament.
We’re just yet to decide what they’re to be.

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I’m in even tho I reeeeeally suck…
IGN: DG Victor The Legend
Alts: Kektor, DG Victor, Victrr
Skill level: B (if I’ll practice a bit more…)
Time Zone: EEST, I think…
Online: only on week-ends, Friday: 7PM-12PM with some random pauses, Saturday: 10PM-4PM still with some pauses, 7PM-12PM, Sunday: same as Saturday

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IGN: GoldenRound
Aliases: GR, Golden, and Gold
Skill Level: C/C-
Time Zone: Central Time
Online: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Central Time Weekdays; 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Central Time Weekends

(Let me know if I’m a C or C-)

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IGN: Snapchat ghost emoji
Aliases: Co… Dancing bloke 1337
Skill Level: U
Time Zone: We-eastern
Online: GMT-25

Not very good so aiming for second

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The lowest rank you can list yourself is a C- . If you’re completely inadequate with PvP, or you don’t understand how pvp works, or something along the lines of just not fully understanding it, then you’re likely a C-

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ign: lewd
aliases: n/a
skill level: c-
time zone: pst
online: unavailable sunday / tuesday / wednesday / thursday

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Lewd you’re at least a B-

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I know i’m gonna regret this c:

IGN: BadBoy17
Alts: None
Skill level: B
Time zone: Eastern European time
Online: Everyday (On phase) around 4 PM

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well, here goes nothing

IGN: Razorvenom48
Alts: Roozah, Raz, Roz, Razor
Skill Level: B
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time
Online: From about 4:00PM to 5:00PM everyday if I can

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I’d join but a D- like me would get last x)

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Like I said, the lowest you can be is a C-. You’ve got time to practice, and you’ve got other C- players to compete against. If you want to practice, I’m willing to give you a hand :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, I didn’t say I want to pvp!
Not that I do, of course, I’m not a fan of fast-paced things :wink:

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IGN: AwesomeMan
Alts: TrevyTrev = Brother’s old account, AwesomeMan22 = I couldn’t fit the last 2 in game or website so I changed my name to AwesomeMan. If you had to remove an account keep AwesomeMan but if you don’t have to take away my accounts please let me keep them :frowning:

Skill Level: Not sure
Time Zone: CT
Online: 3PM-8PM Sun-Thurs 10AM-8PM Fri-Sat.

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Remember everyone, you can always change your skill level simply by practicing! If you feel you’re deservant of a different ranking, be sure to let myself or Avery know!

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Can’t be worse than Dark Gary… I went there.

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IGN: XTorrent

Alts: Torrent, Daddy

Skill: E

Time Zone: Est USA

Online: Thursday not Friday

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Cant wait :^)

IGN: number
Aliases: to lazy to make any
Skill Level: C+
Time Zone: PST
Online: Almost always on from 1PM - 9PM

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