Chunk error in build

Mobile build 887

Dimensions or Services it affects

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Since Jun 22 2022, 6:30 pm utc

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug

@Supreme-Basilica (ign Basilica) is affected too, @Cxco told me.
@staff can u check for any invalid blocks?
Cxco had no player model on my screen.

I wanted to build with Cxco on our candy/cake/cookie map :candy: :lollipop: :cake: :cookie: for zombies but then came this :sob: :sob: :sob: im so sad :sob: Cxco expected me so long that i come and then this D: Cxco will be so sad and will cry too :sob: But I will stay calm like an Avenger :man_superhero: I thank you, staff for fixing this in advance, Staff :blush: :slimeblush: :heart: UwU. Cxco, she can next time only on tomorrow but im in school then helping Ukraine :ukraine: refugees with our trains till 12 pm utc then I am in drawing course :art: :slimethonk: so I cannot so much build with you on the map and then Cxco, she can only on tuesday next week iirc, i cant read in that time + mood, its 9 PM in Germany now. I again thank you, staff for fixing this. I will open a forum pm about our map, Cxco, sxkyyy and NetherOW to at least make items suggestions so I can contribute and so that we are celebrated in a few months! Yet again, staff, we thank you for your help and not blocking me for emotion showing. Goodbye!


I hope it gets fixed soon D:


by the way, it is only mobile bug


@Tejdxa Our map building process is kinda locked atm: I have chunk error, sxkyyy has blacklisted ip and only NetherOW and Cxco can build now

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