CandyLand [INFO: This map submission is WIP because 2 of the 4 builders have some problems]

INFO: making this wiki so that builders can edit the info in. If anyone except @Cxco @NetherOw @sxkyyy, me and the mods edits things without asking first will be reported to staff. Suggestions via replies.


#1 Location of Map

1057, 563

#2 Builders

@Cxco @GlasiaVD23 @sxkyyy @NetherOw

#3 Unverified Rating


#4 Ownership

(We don’t have decided yet, the map building got blocked/slowed down due to @sxkyyy IP block and my chunk error)


I {permit/do not permit} someone else to take over ownership of my map for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable.


I {permit/do not permit} unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.


I {permit/do not permit} administrators/managers to take over my map if I become inactive or unavailable.

#5 Breakdown

WIP, the doc is prepared (from docx to pdf to by me this table)

#6 Images

annotated is en route


Everything here is NOT final @Tejdxa, not even the name maybe, so dont paste the map yet, pls.

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You should do this in the PM instead of here. This is for ready maps