Change the voting limit

I can’t help but notice that every time a new suggestion is posted I can’t vote on it (not that I agree with all, the limit just shows up) and it needs me to remove a vote from a previously voted suggestion in order to vote on the new one.
The option of removing your vote from a denied or accepted suggestion is a thing, yes, but at some point you’re again out of votes, permanently. Could there be a change to the vote limit that increases over time or by being active on the forums? That could come in handy.

This is already true? Basic roles have 4 votes, Members have 6, and Regulars have 8 (I think).


The point of the limit is for you to only choose the best suggestions, so those can get prioritized.


I get that but maybe we could obtain more votes by being active on the forums


Or maybe you can spend dp (300-500?) to buy a vote

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I don’t think the forum can be synchronized with the DTP.


it may be possible if it was manual, or they got a bot to do it, but:

  1. The dtp is frozen for now
  2. It might not actually be possible to change individual votes
  3. Manually doing it would take time
  4. A bot might not work and if it did it might not be too effective or have some flaws