Ban Appeal Denied without Reason :/

Uh, earlier today popstarfreas replied to my ban appeal after a ~5 weeks of waiting, so I eagerly replied, summing up what I had said throughout my appeal and including my final thoughts and opinion (link here Miles the Magician Ban Appeal #4). However, shortly after, the appeal was denied suddenly and without reason. I don’t understand what I did wrong, as I made sure to follow any good ban appeal: I admitted that I was banned fairly, apologized several times for breaking the rules, and promised that if I was unbanned then I would follow the rules in the future. And no, I’m not just saying these things to get unbanned, I actually mean them. So why was my appeal denied? I had waited over a month and poured hours of work into the whole appeal, expecting it to be finally accepted, but instead it was suddenly all… rejected. I don’t know if I should make a 5th ban appeal, reupload my old ban appeal, or just give up entirely. Can someone please tell me what I should do or why I was denied?


Didn’t Rofle say something about whether you wanted your appeal to be acted on later or denied immediately (due to time restrictions)? I don’t think your response was clear


Rofle wasn’t asking a question of Miles in the literal sense - he was stating he either needs to be patient enough for himself to have time to go over a ban appeal considered low priority, or he needs to move on with himself.


The low priority is because:

  1. Rofle programs for the server at the moment (fixing Rapid Zombies bug)
  2. You need more patience,
  3. I think it was discussed in staff chat

Examples of patient people:

Name Accepted appeal First appealed Time inbetween
NateTheGameK Jan 15 2022 Apr 13 2021 9 months
Expert Ace Jul 09 2021 Jul 05 2020 1 year
Eerie (crew permission appeal) Jun 03 2021 Apr 13 2021 2.5 months
Madofado, Grim Wind and me (Phase appeal) Sep 05 2021 Aug 15 2021 3 weeks

i wasnt honestly that patient, but ig somebody else could interpret it otherwise


The first sentence of my response was: “Thanks for replying, I’m happy to wait as long as I need in order to get unbanned, as long as it doesn’t take too long.”
I’m willing to wait as long as it takes, as long as I don’t have to wait another 5 weeks without a response, because that can and already has grate on my nerves. And in terms of being patient, like I have already said, it’s been 5 months since I was banned and 5 weeks waiting for this appeal alone.


I just want to know his reasoning behind denying my appeal, as I think that’s a pretty clear answer. I mean, I literally never said that I would want to be denied, as I wrote even more to back up my appeal and summarize it.


while me banned in phase just cuz of my lil bro spammed on phase chat


Ok, so I have a theory as to why Rofle denied your Ban Appeal.

The Theory

After he responded to your appeal telling you why he hadn’t responded yet, you replied to that, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The bad part was the fact that you replied with 752 words total.

In my opinion, you should have ended your reply after “Thanks for replying, I’m happy to wait as long as I need in order to get unbanned, as long as it doesn’t take too long.”, or even better, remove the part after the last comma and add in the second sentence.

If you had done this, it would have shown that you understand why it was taking so long and shown that you are fine with waiting longer. That’s the kind of thing that, if I was the one appealing, would drastically improve my opinion of you.

Instead, you continued with the other 727 words in the reply. First, you said

“However, you stated that there needs to be nothing else of more urgent priority, and no offense, but I don’t find this Normal house to be of more importance than someone who has waited over a month for a ban appeal with no recognition…”

I understand the frustration of seeing someone who you think should be appealing your ban posting jokes, but keep in mind that Rofle also needs free time. He doesn’t work on the server full time (I hope), and so he can post on the server in his free time.

You then give reasons to unban you, when you should have just edited the original post if you wanted to do that.

And then you say:

“Also, I’m honestly pretty confused as to what the “current problems” are that need to be addressed. If you could specify those so that we could address them, then that would be wonderful.”

After I saw this, it honestly hurt. If you would recall, one of the things Rofle said was that he doesn’t have enough time to accurately address the current problems. Thus, the fact that you wrote this line makes it look like you didn’t really read his response.

Finally, there’s the stuff in italics:

If after all of this you still somehow think that I should be banned, then do one thing for me. Look around the ban appeal section and try to find someone who has written as much, apologized as much, or has been as persistent as I have in getting unbanned. I guarantee that you will fail.

This, to me, shows that you don’t understand why you’re not unbanned yet. You have been very persistent, yes, but that is the problem. You have gone on multiple rants that both attempted to minimise what you did wrong, even going as far as to say that you think that the rules are stupid at one point, and another time, asking for a new moderator on your ban appeal. Which, to me, makes it look like you have no self control.

Trust me, I am speaking from experience when I say that I have been in your exact situation before, on another server, in which I said what you have been saying almost verbatim. And that experience helped me to realize something: You don’t get unbanned by continuously sending walls of text to the Moderators. You get unbanned through patience.

I hope this helps!


Entering “CAPS TEXT caps caps caps” and [i:C][i:A][i:P][i:S] [i:T][i:E][i:X][i:T] which shows as “CAPS TEXT” to get caps through is knowingly made as you needed more effort to do [i: ] to enter caps text than to emter normal lowercase text.


yeah, the less you speak the more weight your words will carry. Putting those walls of text is generally a bad idea when you want something. Feel free to make those walls of texts when proving a point or defending an arguement, but its not the best way to ask for something.


Wow, thanks for all the great and honest replies. I definitely realize now that replying with a giant wall of text while also saying that I wanted to save time was a bit of a dumb idea. I was under the impression that since I was denied twice in the past for not writing enough, then I should write as much possible in order to ‘maximize appeal chances’. I also realize that I came across as entitled, rude, harsh, annoying, etc. several times throughout this ban appeal and others, so I’m really sorry for that. Also thank you to elric walker for that eye opening theory, which I think is just facts. I realize now that the reason other people were getting unbanned through “less effort” than me was because I was approaching the whole thing wrong. And to be honest, I have gotten angry several times over these appeals (and getting denied), which just made things worse. It honestly really helps that you guys have been kind and brave enough to give me the honest truth XD. Also I really have a problem with over-writing when it isn’t necessary (if ya couldn’t tell), which made this whole situation even worse. Now I can definitely see rofle’s reasoning behind denying my appeal, because I wrote a LOT and I wasnt in… the right mindset. I focused way too much on the unfairness (from my pov) and how I was “in the right”, and not on the real issue, which is… the ban appeal. I apologize again for spamming walls of text, going off topic, and, tbh, acting innocent when I was really being rude. My only question now is what I should do now to move forward the ban appeal process, the right way this time (thanks again y’all). And sorry for another wall of text I don’t know how to write all this in a more concise form :confused:

TL;DR: Thx for the honest comments, they really helped me to take a step back and look at this whole situation from a more realistic viewpoint, and how I was being rude, doing my appeals wrong, and overall not helping my appeal at all. I’m sorry for being arrogant and only thinking about how I was right and rofle was wrong, when what he did was actually quite reasonable.


This is not exactly true. While I imagine Rofle is incredibly busy, and probably does not want to wade through walls of text each time, I believe that to convey you are sorry for your actions and prove that you indeed will follow the rules from here on out, a decent amount of writing will need to be done. You really need to explain why you did what you did, how you can change this behavior, and give him proof you can be trusted to follow the rules if unbanned. It certainly does help to be sorry for one’s actions, but just being sorry is not enough. He needs to believe without a doubt that somehow you have changed, and that you can be trusted back on the server. I believe if you answer some of the less obvious questions, and explain everything you can to the best of your ability, you will have a much better chance at getting unbanned.


ig that advice only works irl, definitely feels like it works
you guys know Ferb in phineas and ferb? when he speaks, people listen simply because he barely talks that much.


What you have written so far was not bad in any way, but you need to quit giving the impression that you are entitled to be handled promptly, and that you absolutely deserve a second chance. He is going out of his way even when he is denying your appeals, as wrong as that may sound. Just give the appealing a little break, collect yourself, and really think things over. I actually do think you could potentially be unbanned, even if I have no say in the matter. Just try to take everyone’s advice that has been given to you, and apply yourself through an honest and humble appeal.


Should definitely give Elric Walker the solution thing, but if you don’t want to give it to them – I’m here for the +1 solution.


Thank you. Though it’s tough to admit, I think this is what I needed to hear.


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