Add Desert Warp

Here is why desert warp should be added if you don’t want it and write a hate reply on it ur gae so yea let’s continue.

1.we have the myth the legend, Round of an applause Ancient Chisel! 25% extra mine speed by fair best miner acc in game.

2.just saying put it into desert underground not over world.

  1. Bast statue, why because every tank would want it and what do we have on survival tanks. Point proven with that one.

  2. Here we have to see the cons of the desert so we can establish if we need to use this warp or have it, so the snake rope I forgot what it’s called and the scarab bomb is banned some why this is bad since those things are just nice to have around in early game.

  3. Ok we move out of the bad boi zone back into somewhat good bit let’s continue, we then have have the life crystals in desert underground if your having an onslaught of people in the cavern no worry’s the desert has you there! It has a high risk and high reward so get a buddy with you if you have skill issue (no one has)!

  4. We have our last best item there is everything else in desert! strong text

Here is our conclusion desert is the best maybe not everyone needs it I understand you melee bozos but we should realise all the good to happen if we get this warp some might think it’s a waste of time but I think it’s a help to players of survival to get stuff faster and maybe even be as good as everyone as soon as you join.

To all terraria enjoyers have good day or good night.

why are there so many duplicate posts?


No this is just the better version because one before is dog doo doo


Pls vote if your a terraria enjoyer


All of the points are terrible.


Correct. You can walk/fly/ride a minecart/fall off spawn to get to a desert pretty easily.


I agree, doo doo repost, adding this many warps make the game easy.


none of the items you mentioned are needed to progress. its not like they added the dungeon warp so that you can get water bolt or muramasa easily, they added it since the dungeon is needed to finish the run. The jungle also has good items but it has a warp because it has 3 bosses, unlike the desert having zero. If we were to make an underground desert warp everyone would just die there early game. Another problem is that warps need to be managed every run, since they sometimes spawn incorrectly. But they are easy to place since there is only 1 rocean, locean, dungeon, jungle, ice and they always spawn in the same place unlike the desert. And we dont even need a desert warp since a desert will 100% spawn near another warp or spawn.

essay moment


Not gonna lie, its not really needed, there isn’t any bosses at desert and after a whole there is no point to it. Yeah you can get chisel easily game but other than that it isn’t a useful warp. If you need it so bad just put an npc there


I mean the only “boss” is the sand elemental. But ehh forbidden armor sucks soo yeah.
(I think the sets is called forbidden armor, correct me if I’m wrong)


1.people who disagree would be like
“Ya bUt ToOo mAnY waRp is BAd”

ok even tho it seems desert warp maybe not good in hardmode but when comes to pre hm its truly worth it, like most good early pre hm loots comes from desert, and having desert warp isnt even making warps being too many. Dont you remeber there was eoc warp during drunk seed?

  1. “they are no needed in progress” bruh then why would they added tundra warp ? and also many useful weapons require shards which comes from mummy and where does mummy spawn? ya is dersert (and no mummy in ocean isnt spawn as usual as desert bc theres too many stuff in ocean). and honestly you could finish a run just by joining in friday because at that time people already beat ml

  2. “people usually die in early desert” just word: skillisues, jk but thats the thing desert enemies spawn alot also is a good opportunity to farm souls and key

  3. like tundra warp, they both have alots of their biomes in the world generation but tundra warp still work and i have also pointed out how desert warp may work before but i dont wanna explain it bc this getting too long : /

  4. “desert loots arent good” cmon we have like scarab bombs, cool looking hm armor that for mage and summoner that could summon sand storm, some cool mask and bunches cool early game loots go ahead and try, i do really like see ppl to go to desert more often

ya i do understand why theres alot of disagree overall i know is really hard to add a new warp that complicate as desert but still great if we can have and i dont putting pressure on anyone just debunking some dummy opinion on this


This just seems catered to yourself at this point.
Suggestions aren’t made to make your life easier, they’re catered to the general public.
In this case, it caters to too small of an audience and only really benefits one class; ranger; which obsid happens to play a lot of lol.


no no no you just missed ma point (have you even finish read it at first bruh if yes then i love you so much no homo)

so isnt warps exist to caters your gameplay lol
and yet i did point about shards and soul farm with underground desert spawn rate
and but isnt tunda mainly give benefits to melee sometime ranger? but theres no point on hating desert warp OVERALL is a great biome in early game and farms due to it spawn rate

ya i’d have lots of fun while doing this aggrument i really love to see more opinion on this


I don’t know why tundra warp was added, but it doesn’t really effect gameplay since theres nothing there til hardmode (and tundra isn’t as widespread as desert and can be hard to find)
Also, who even are you?


Tundra was added most likely because of the fact it’s needed for tank I.E. frozen turtle shell


make sense but somes desert on maps have the bigger size than most other desert so i think when using desert warp it should take you to there so stuff wont be complicate

and who am i? welp i just love this server since 2020 so i just participate in this community and also my opinion dont take too seriously bc im not very sure on what i said


ya but desert is good for early games like fishing and specially sand gun (endgame weapon tbh) or shard that craft for weapons and once again high spawn rate for soul farm, i dont blame tundra warp i just dont know why people dont like desert warp but enjoy tundra


What I mean is tundra is trivial to progression for frozen turtle shell, desert isn’t, also scarab bombs are banned.


ya tundra is great for those shells but that doesnt mean desert is bad at that point, its a great biome to farm souls for mimic and for dark/ light shards for funny purple gun and desert tiger staff got buffed and no this isnt compare tundra vs desert is abt why desert warp should be a thing

and about the scarab bombs banned… i didnt know it was

*insert punisher court scene


for me its just dg desert horrible so i voted against, if it will be 50/50, dont count my vote since i am not playing that