Ability idea: Adrenaline

Unlockable by killing 125 entities without dying, The ability consists making you invincible for 10 seconds by 2500 points, and every update will make that 10 seconds up 2 seconds more, and by every update points will cost more of the 2500 points (for being exactly: “2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 12500”) and that the seconds limit gets up to 40sec, 2 effect seconds with no cost, and cooldown with 15 seconds after that the effect is gone.

But the hallowed armor buff Shadow dodge will disappear upon getting hit by an enemy even if there are X seconds left (iirc).


ah, that’s true


That’s a pretty easy get condition. I think midgame rounds have around 200 monsters each?

Upgrades are actually a downgrade here—the increase in time is nothing compared to the increase in cost. I’m unsure if this was the intention, but I doubt it.

Abilities don’t upgrade that many times. If I remember correctly, there are like 4 upgrades? For a max of 18 seconds.

What does this mean?

Okay okay okay wait wait wait so it suddenly goes from costing 2500 more per level to being completely free? This is overpowered. You’re taking away the ability’s entire downside for no reason and now you just get free invincibility with slightly over 50% uptime. Basically you just activate the ability whenever it comes up and tank literal thousands of damage, possibly over ten thousand in the lategame, while regenerating the whole time.

Multiple people using it would break the game even more, since two well-built tanks could just repeatedly switch out—one uses invincibility, within the last three seconds the other swoops in and activates theirs. The first one runs off to let their replacement draw aggro, then comes back in fifteen seconds once their ability is back up. Boom, infinite invincibility with no cost.

Furthermore, even with the cost still attached you could infinitely tank. Just bring in some farming weapons, or straight-up murder everything because enough of the mobs that give point bonuses on death will spawn that you’ll have invincibility up by the time your partner runs out.

This is a very short cooldown for how long the ability lasts and how potent its effects are. I would personally suggest something a bit longer.

But the thing is, no longer how lengthy you make the cooldown, this ability will be overpowered. Make it 30 seconds and you just need 3 people for immortality. 45 seconds? 4 people. 60? 5. By the time you make it impossible to infinitely tank attacks, the ability’s cooldown is so absurd that it’s unusable for a single player. This ability is fatally flawed in this manner, and it’ll take more than just adjusting the numbers to fix it.


Doesn’t matter. It also gives you extra i-frames on end, so there’s plenty of time to reapply the buff. Basically, you’d just either reapply the buff at a constant rate or have it reapply immediately on being lost for the duration.


well… you killed me with that arguments, should i edit some text?


this is actually possible by faking Journey’s godmode


Honestly, flaef covered all my points (xD). I don’t really have much to say.


Correct me if I am wrong but, is it possible to constantly give someone a specific buff that has a one time use like the Hallowed Armors set bonus? Or does the server not like that… Im not fully sure.
Context - Say as for this upgrade. Is it possible for the server to keep giving the effect in the specified amount of time and, will the server allow it or is there a simpler method?


Yes, but the desync will be very noticeable, there might be gaps where the buff isn’t even


Wait what about invincibility frames? Is the server able to edit that? I know theyre used to get out of tough situations


That’s a great idea, although, unfortunately the server can’t directly tweak that, it would also lead to possible gaps due to desync. So far Journey godmode is the best solution for this right now

I’m just saying that the ability is very possible and if it gets enough votes it could be considered


Well, if it’s not only possible but very possible, It has my vote.

I would suggest changing it from enemies killed without dying to rounds without dying. Round 18 is my recommendation since most public lobbies only make it to round 16 before dying tragically. Round 18 is not only an even number, but it’s also a round that, if people make it to that round, shows that they didn’t make it past round 16 by a fluke.

Also, what would the cooldown be?


Well theres a problem with this proposal of yours. It would make this ability useless for most of the game, even in higher rounds. It takes strategy to get to Round 18 and many people normally dont survive until then. And, per say, you died on round 17 and came back. You would have to join a new game to use it again because you would have died before getting the chance to activate it.


I think there’s been a misunderstanding. You think that I’m saying that the ability should only be able to be used, after selecting it, after reaching round 18.

I’m saying that the ability should only be able to be selected after someone has reached round 18 without dying.

At least, I think that’s what you’re saying. Maybe.

Here’s a question: Does anyone actually understand what Dusty is saying in the OP?

I think that they’re trying to say-
Unlock the ability for selection after killing 125 entities without dying.

The ability makes you invincible for 10 seconds and costs 2500 points to activate. Each upgrade, its costs increases by 2500 more points and it lasts for 2 more seconds.

I’m normally really good at parsing stuff like this, but I honestly cannot figure out what they are saying in the last part. Flaef pointed this out earlier, and Dusty responded, but they didn’t actually elaborate on the meaning.


I believe I can help to a point:

This skill activates once you kill 125 enemies without being killed. When you kill the 125th enemy, you gain this effect that causes you to become invincible for 10 seconds. You can choose to upgrade the skill using 2500 of your spendable points for an extra two seconds more of this effect.

Also, I believe you cant equip a different ability once the round has started


What I’m talking about is something like the requirement for Wish or Valiant: You can’t use the ability at all until you do a certain thing, after which you can use the ability forever, as long as you select before the game starts, or in the first round you are in the game.

I’m pretty certain that’s what Dusty is talking about too, with their 125 enemy requirement. I think you’re right about Dusty’s idea, though. And I like your thoughts too.

So here are the details that I see in Dusty’s post, with your idea too:
The Ability can only be activated after killing 125 enemies

It costs 2500 Zombie Points per activation

Upon activation, it makes the player invincible for 10 seconds, with a cooldown of 15 seconds

You can add 2 seconds to the activation timer for an additional 2500, for a maximum of 40 seconds.

WW- Increase Time by 2 seconds

SS- Decrease Time by 2 seconds (minimum of 10 seconds)

WS or SW- Activate ability


This is unbalanced as hell, can’t it just be for 1 hit? 10 seconds of invincibilty with 2 for every upgrade is nothing to scoff at, as it could be potentially run changing. Imagine all your team is dead and you have 16 seconds of invulnerbility. You have the time to revive them all, kill enemies, and even unlock chests. Its like astral projection but more overpowered. 10k points is nothing lategame, as all items cost atleast 90k or more. The cooldown of 15 seconds is also unbalanced as hell, it’ll make getting items and reviving stupidly easy, as when you use it you only have a 5 second delay between use. Theoretically, you could be invicible forever if you dodge for 5 seconds before every use. This ability is too op, too related to astral projection, and the requirements would be hard to implement (i think)


I forgot about the adding time to the timer, which would make this even more overpowered. Just get yourself 16 seconds of invincibilty every time and you’ll be invicible forever.


Ok, you definitely have a point. I think that a certain number of hits would probably be better, to make it less like astral projection.

It could keep the previous ideas: You kill 125 enemies without dying, and then it automatically gives you 1 extra hit using either buffs or god mode.
That would be difficult to implement though if buffs weren’t used.

In the end, this ability would be a slightly worse hallowed armor.

The other option I see here is for it to automatically give you 2 seconds of invulnerability after you kill the enemies, but it doesn’t charge you. This removes the control aspect of the ability, making it more passive, yet still helpful.