A.M.A. But is Geolindrag

Like the others A.M.A., But more cheap! (And worse?.., and its pirated… Printed in china also)

Anyways, fell free to ask anything!

(Except Debit card details,passwords and if i preffer mayonaise or ketchup lol)


Whats your SSN?


are you the one with all those Hollow Knight alts in PvP


What is that?

(Im gonna supoce that is a debit card detail)

Nope, im almost never at PVP (even didn’t know that there where people with alts at pvp)


Social security number (It was a joke)

Anyways, whats your favorite zombies map?


That is kinda… Hard to choose

I like Death house, and crystal caverns,(the one with the snow house), and lunar mineshafts

Assuming that im solo , Would be death house, If i have parthners, The snow house

Also… I dont have a SSC, these doesn’t exist here lol

(Disclaimer: SSC Doesn’t exists, It isn’t a Misspell)


You’ve got 4 maps that fit the criteria: Winter’s Scream, Winter’s Howl, Snowyville and the Christmas event map.

there sure is a lot of “snow house” maps



Thanks for the name!

Winter screan and winter howl has an igglo, not a house?

And about the chrismas i don’t know, never seen that map…

Still, thanks!


Do you have any kind of pet?


Have you ever been hacked?


A cat, He is pretty shy to other people, but for me is a crazy cat that loves play and getting pet,
Other is a dog that surprisingly, plays with the cat, She also thinks that is a cat or something?, Because tries to climb trees, And also likes dark and small places like boxes, or down some rocks, Without counting that also sleeps with the cat (even that she has her house)


Actually yes , 2 times…

Was more like a pwned email account
(Means that my account got hacked via information leak , For example, When a group of hackers steal the acounts database of a social media)

Was on “Leet” A service that saved the data for players in MCPE servers, in 2016
After 2 momths of that, losed my account, But thanks to the google option of the personal question (You put a question, and a answer , like if it was a 2nd password) and that i have leaved a recovery email, So got my account in no problems!, and also changed password…

In 2020 got a Scammer mail, which i ignored totally, So that was a close one, along with several scam messages in the SMS service for a strange reason

The lastest was yesterday lol

Like a week ago, was discovered a dangerous exploit on windows, regarding the printer service to execute malware code, So guess what
Got a virus…, (Is a hack, since i got a Spyware)
How happened? Well, I share computer with my brother (He uses mostly the PC), So lets say that he was seeing anime in “Strange sites”, so, you know…

After i fighting with the virus ( i have some proggaming knowledge) and discovering that was the printer vulnerability, I installed an antivirus to prevenn that i done somethinh wrong and Brick the PC, After some scanners, and safe mode boots, Finally got erased yesterday at 2AM… (and proceed to change all passwords again…)1


Are you devil?


What’s wrong with Death House? It’s a good map…


How is it good map?


Nope, More like a human?

Well, Maybe not exactly good,But i like it,

Is something like when you like a game that everyone hates it, Maybe isn’t good in general (Bugs,too poor the story, bad graphics etc…) But you like it anyway because the gameplay, even with the other things

So… Trying to answer the qustion now

Because is balanced?

You can play as meele and ruch to the flail, and then armor+3worm scarfs, you will recieve only 10 DMG per hit, Howeber, reach round 13 and you are dead by pirates

Play as mage, and you will die at 5 hits, But actually you are more likely to survive in later rounds

Thrower its like a challenge to yourself, its hard, the weapons are limited, and your damage is poor, Perfect for people like me that completes games at low% in hard mode

And there is summoner… Ehhh good luck, and the same goes to the test class, but at least you got potions!..?

About the map design

Its sometimes like a time attack map, If you take too much time, enemies will start to fall down, and going down is almost a guarranted death,oh and the map design in general has a lot of possible tank sentry positions to make the enemies distracted, So also has the strategy factor!

About the weapons

Well, the weapons are quite broken at the end, But its like a reward system for making it far,you will struggle at start, But at reaching wave 15,you will destroy everything (Until… Diabolists…)also light discs are bad!
The only flaw maybe are the accesories, that are … Well 2, limiting your options at start, (of choosing if 3 or 2 worm scarfs…)
In summary…

Death house can be passed past R13 only if you play with strategy and choose wisely your weapons, You can play safe as a monster with a lot of defense, but medium attack, Or As a mage with a lot of attack in later rounds, but minimal defense
Also has a challenge for all the ones thata re brave enough,and… Finally summoner is trash!, So no lag by the minion spam
The map has a lot of possibilities with and without sentries, making it fun solo, or with friends (But no randoms…)
The weapons are mostly without modifications, and the weapons scalling are kinda slow at start, but quick at end, making a reward system like for reaching the hard rounds, The only flaw are accesories, that are poor in selection, But aside from that…

I think it has a 9/10!


Well, for starts, it’s an economy enabled map. I’d also argue it’s one of the easiest to play if you know what you’re doing. Combine Time Warp abuse or Vampirism with Tank class for easy, braindead survival for what can only be described as unnaturally long times.


how did you get into hollow knight, and what was your favorite character?


My brother was the one that bought the game, I don’t know how he knowed that existed, he leaved the game and never finished it, So i started playing it and i liked it a lot!, (also with that i noticed that i like metroidvainias,played a lot of them, but didn’t know what and discovered what was a metroidvania, i always called them “Platform fighting”)
The thing that keep me in the game was the Semi post-apocaliptic ambience/story, With also the Difficulty midly high, and also the story!(and the gameplay too)

My favorite character its probably Myla, i tried a ton of thing to save her , but after much attemps ,searched on internet and wasn’t possible…

In my save file is still alive in the mineshaft…


to save myla, you need to do a run without crystal dash, its hard.