Zombies XP/DP Update

This is a minor feature update.

Map-based XP/DP multipliers
The amount of XP/DP you gain will be increased/reduced (or not at all) depending on which map you are playing. This means easier ones like Beach House will have a multiplier like 0.25 (1/4 gain). This means that playing on more difficult map is more worth it, and an easier map less worth it.

Hardcore Zombies (Hardcore is not related to the character difficulty)
Along with this is a new Zombies Type: Hardcore. To join a lobby use:"/lobby join hcz" this also works with joinp.
Changes compared to normal:

  • Every time damage is taken, the player loses a Life (You start the match with 1 life)
  • Reaching 0 lives means you are dead and need reviving
  • All HP chests become Life chests
  • Much higher XP multiplier
  • Higher DP multiplier

For most of the time, you will simply have 1 life and will be insta-killed by any mob. Using this mode for easier maps (like Beach House) will offset the penalty for that map being easy. So if you still want to play an easy map without gaining xp/dp slower, then play Hardcore.

Joining a lobby before the autojoin puts you in one no longer results in you being in two lobbies.
You can now use maps not in the map pool with custom lobbies.

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i dont think this fixes anything for me imo,

i still cant get any exp :v

username : ProtoLink

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