Zombies Vote map while in Gamemodes

I would like an option to /vote a zombies map while in intermission in gamemodes, before being moved to the lobby dimension (aka new lobbies). This feature would be helpful mostly for groups of players, but also individuals on occassion…
This would help parties play their desired map, rather than get stuck on a slow map like death house or cryptic when new players join. Often in these circumstances, the party will create another new lobby with the same goal of a specific map, but miss out on the opportunity to play with alot of players in a single lobby.
The case is similar if its an individual walking into the lobby portal when all lobbies are closed.

I agree. It’s really annoying, the fact that I have to kill myself whenever I start a new lobby, only to choose a specific map. When I’m alone this isn’t too big of a problem, but when I want to play with multiple other people and we want to choose a map, it’s a massive dice since other players are likely to join and not cooperate with us in choosing a map.


An alternative solution might be to replace the immediate spawn timer right after you enter the lobby with the regular 30 second intermission. idk which one would be better though.


Yea this is a better solution, but then when making a new lobby you’ll be waiting a whole minute before you can play. Not sure if that’s a big problem though, this solution itself is already really simple.


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