Zombies Vanity Items


Dimensions or Services it affects

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Any time you select a class (or potentially upgrade/general purchase) that automatically equips things into player vanity slots

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug

Vanity Items on the trading system can be obtained through player trading (or events whenever those happen) and equipped in Special slots to be used in games, such as this Tax Collector’s Hat:


However, they now get automatically deleted unless you take them off beforehand:

It looks to just be a side effect of this change in Zombies 2.5.2:

Makes sense, that’s just what’s happening here and it’s working as intended. But the stuff from the map overwrites vanity items the players might already have instead of dropping it into their inventory, so as shown it just deletes the vanity given by the trading system item and you can’t get it again unless you leave and rejoin or a new match starts.


Fixing this would be non-trivial. I treat it the same as the angler armor being overwritten

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