Zombies v2.3.0

Zombies v2.3.0

New Features

  • Added /zclass rename for renaming classes
  • Added announcement for upcoming map after votes are decided
  • Added lobby /kick immunity to people with TShock /kick perms(mainly mods)
  • Added pop-up text for currently selected sentry during cycling. For example, Minigun(Current) → Sniper will show Selected Sniper(#9026)

    Sentry selection showcase

  • Added pop-up text that shows the player’s score when striking mobs(5s cooldown)

    Score Broadcast

    • Added /broadcastscoreonstrike, /broadcastscore, /bcscore, and /bsos to toggle this. The default is on.

Other Changes

  • Updated /shelp bank

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed(again) Moon Lord, Pirate’s Curse, and other mobs from the past game persisting into the new game(#11678)
  • Fixed bank not updating scoreboard when it dies
  • Fixed being able to transfer points to yourself
  • Fixed deployed count counting picked up sentries
  • Fixed items(including nebula boosters) being “locked” and unable to be picked up
  • Fixed nebula boosters not giving nebula power ups to team mates(#11963)
  • Fixed Sentry deployed/moving count not showing while on cooldown

    Sentry Count while on Cooldown