Zombies v2.2.0

Zombies v2.2.0

New Features

  • Players not revived at the end of the round will no longer be reset, and will instead be force revived - the player that ended the round will still be penalised

    This change was made ahead of the Revival Rework which will aim to change how players are penalised as part of not reviving players. We already planned to remove the resetting of players, but it seemed better to release this part now.

  • Change Bank Sentry so that the interest it accumulates is payed directly to the player instead of storing it - this should allow players to choose whether to re-invest or spend the points

  • Increased the interest of the Bank Sentry - this may be changed again in the future

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mention of “Arena” in zchest set/unset commands
  • Fixed revision being -1 in /version
  • Fixed /zchest listitems notable not having tiers sorted properly (#11556)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when running /zchest listitems notable (#11555)
  • Fixed players being able to change their ability from None past the usual ability lock out time
  • Fixed /leave saying “You do not have access to this command” (#11635)

It now makes sense that I was penalised when I got notif like, "You lost **** score for not reviving player " lol. It was bugging my mind for quite a while. Gotta make note of this.