Zombies v1.27

As the Christmas Event is about to be released, v1.27 is being released early with some missing things (notably, the revival system rework and Reverent ability). These missing features will now be released with v1.28 instead.


  • rework: Expert mode is now turned on at Round 12 (master mode is still where it is)
  • perf: All maps should now load in one second or less
  • fix: Added missing mapping for honey comb
  • feat: Allow buffs from furniture items such as Crystal Ball

Also, the event is likely to come out on the 25th, evening, UTC. So more of a post-christmas celebration.

I ran out of time, so instead intended for 26th

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When will v1.28 be released?


Yes, it will be released but not at the moment. There will be a change that will be the highlight of this update. It is currently in-progress, and testing is pending. Several smaller features and bug fixes are also pending.