Zombies Update

Zombies Update

  • Changed the way chest name updates work (should fix those weird lines on background tiles)
  • Made sure when leaving a lobby with just yourself that the zombies get cleared and don’t keep spawning
  • Attempted to fix a crash bug
  • Fixed using trash slot to keep items after upgrading
  • Fixed “You’re already in such a lobby”

All this is being done to fix up some issues for the next set of releases. These include (compiled from threads):

  • Buff chests (enables using buffs/debuffs that don’t have potions)
  • Ability chests (enables the power of abilities) [ https://dark-gaming.com/thread/zombies-update.2306#21480 ]
  • Weapon Upgrades. This will add functionality to upgrade your existing weapon’s usetime, scale etc
  • Custom Weapons. Weapons that have been altered from their original usetime, scale etc. But not upgradable like the above
  • Map voting
  • Map Difficulties (gives the newbs some easy maps to start out, and better players the chance to increase the challenge)

Also, since the dd2 mobs have been fixed I will consider re-adding them into the pool of enemies.
For good measure here’s a poll to vote for the feature you want introduced first: http://www.strawpoll.me/14272893

Zombies Update 2
Custom Weapons
The Custom Weapon API has officially been integrated into Zombies! This means that you will start to see Custom Weapons in the current zombie maps. Changes will vary between small damage/usetime fixes too all out changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with users spawning without costume
  • Fixed issue with chests disappearing

Looks p fucking badass Rofle! I’d be happy to test out some stuff later

What maps do you plan on adding custom weapons to?

Most if not all. On most of the item loadouts for the maps, compromises were made when selecting items due to the limited freedom. This often means there are difficulty spikes up/down because of jumps in weapon usefulness.

Zombies Update 3
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential deadlock

#makespeargreatagain :frowning: