Zombies Update

This thread will contain all of the changes/fixes to zombies when they are pushed.

9th July 2016 - v1.1

  • Trash Duplication bug fixed
  • Life and Mana can no longer exceed maximum (causing people to be stoned)
  • People will not lose all their items if they are revived right before the round ends
  • False corner teleportation reduced
  • Improved illegal stack handling
  • Granite Elemental added as a special mob that may spawn instead of Granite Golem
  • Hoplite added as a special mob that may spawn instead of a Giant Bat
  • Goblin Summoner added as a boss on Round 13
  • Psycho added as an alt primary mob for Rounds 13-15
  • Deadly Sphere added as an alt primary mob for Rounds 17+
  • Martian Officer replaced with Gigazapper for Rounds 11 and 12
  • Chattering Teeth Bomb added as an alt special mob for Rounds 14 and 15

9th July 2016 - v1.2

  • There are now 10 seconds wait period between each round
  • All alive at the end of a round lose 10% of their score per unrevived person, up to a maximum of 30%
  • Score bonus for completing round increased from 500/r to 750/r
  • End of Round auto-heal now takes into account the players health
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24th November - v1.3

  • Waiting for everyone to pick Classes has been removed to avoid AFK people breaking lobbies
  • Added Ogre has alt. boss for Round 10 and 13
  • Added Wither Beast as alt. boss for Round 5 (prob going to be changed)
  • Broken round bug fixed (no zombies left to kill, but round doesn’t end)

Coming up (Not at the same time):

  • Starting weapons now given when class is picked
  • Difficulties
  • Abilities
  • More cheat protection
  • More maps
  • Fixing “/all” so that it sends to other Dimensions
  • Inviting players from other Dimensions
  • Invite-only Lobbies, non-customisable lobbies that give the same XP as public lobbies, but invite-only


27th November - v1.4

  • When a player leaves a lobby, their total score gain (including those spent) is distributed among remaining players
  • Upgrade all toggle, which allows you to upgrade HP/Mana in one click, rather than multiple
  • Protected Lobbies: “/lobby joinp” to create a new protected invite-only lobby

Awesome ideas, cant wait for all of them to be implemented.

Abilities coming to zombies:

Dual Wield

  • Shoot in both directions
  • Upgrade to increase the power and speed of your dual wielded weapon
  • Reach the final upgrade to enable a powerful strike


  • Get teleported to safety and healed when you are about to die
  • Upgrade to increase healing effect, clear enemies around safe area and reduce cooldown
  • Reach the final upgrade to enable a short-burst of all maxed nebula buffs when teleported


  • Set on fire, confuse and push all enemies away
  • Upgrade to increase debuffs and push strength
  • Reach the final upgrade to enable a short forcefield that prevents enemies and projectiles from getting close
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6th June

  • Anyone being revived as round ends will be instantly revived
  • Prep time before Round 1 is now 10 seconds from 5
  • Boundary checks now teleport users to their last location inside the arena, not to the edge
  • Tactical Skeleton boss removed
  • Fixed private lobby creation
  • Fixed protected lobby xp/dp gain
  • Increased penalty for not reviving people
  • Penalty for not reviving people now goes to the people who got reset
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(also, is it possible to suggest a map?)

No, you may only build one and request a staff member to look at it. If it is good enough (not only visually) it may be added to the list of maps.

Wait, so do helpers have any authority over maps? Or is it just the higher-ups?

Pretty sure it’s just the higher-ups since helpers can’t really do anything. We only assist the staff