Zombies Update 1.25

Zombies Update v1.25
This is not a new update, it’s a retrospective look at what was added since the last update.

  • Fix: Allow equipment to be swapped/changed manually
  • Fix: Prevent trash exploit
  • Fix: Prevent errors with moving certain sentries
  • Fix: Stop wish killing a player who is already dead
  • Fix: Prevent permanent hp changes from being abused
  • Fix: Prevent score duplication via transfering score
  • Fix: Banks give out refunds only to their owners
  • Harmfulcrane and SolarDeity are now able to handle the processing of map submissions
  • Add support for mounts
  • Stop long loading maps causing the lobby to be killed
  • Shaman Tweaks
  • Update prices when ability changes to reflect increased cost
  • Added some colors to the lobby display
  • Improved handling of SSC
  • Added /ahelp and /shelp

However this update also makes unlocks enabled again . We’ll be looking at some more of the bugs causing lobbies to be killed.
For our next update, 1.26, we target to redo how the revival system works to avoid the problems of people not being revived, as well as looking at the balancing of the Sentry ability and finally adding Reverent. Most likely we will be doing periodic balance testing for sentry and the new revival system, if you are interested in that, look out for when I am in GameModes.