Zombies new ability

I was playing and though why not make a new ability called thief? or robber? That can steal other players points?
It will be very simple like when you revive someone you get 75% of it’s points etc
And this is just a idea xD

That would just be outright unfair. What if you instead stole points from mobs?

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Personally, I think this is a terrible idea.
It’s counterintuitive and divisive to rely on other players at their expense for your own gain in a game that premises itself on teamwork.


If you’re dedicated to the implementation of such an Ability, I recommend changing it so it can intrinsically benefit you and your teammates in the progression of Zombies.

Expand your post, and explain the intricacies of such an ability:

  • Delineate the specifics of each of the Ability’s commands (such as the input needed to execute the command).
  • Explain how the Ability will scale as the game progresses
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What would be the point of such an ability? The entire point of the Zombies mode is cooperation, and this ability would be completely pointless since there is no end to the game of Zombies. It would promote toxic and/or griefing activity among players who see the option available, and since private lobbies are currently unavailable, players wouldn’t at all be able to break away from random players joining their lobby who are hellbent on ruining the experience and DP/XP grind.


This is a terrible ability while breaking the fact that zombies is a cooperation game stealing other’s points for your own gain either way is just a argument starter 101. I can’t see anything helpful coming out of this except for ones specific gain.