"Zombies" minigame bugs

So, earlier today, someone told me about some bugs in zombies.
One of the bugs is involves the boss of round 5, The Wither beast. Once you give it a punch, it just vanishes, he dies by only one shot.
Here’s the person that told me about it: https://i.gyazo.com/542898ebaa605393b6f5d3b53449fcc0.png
I couldn’t get any evidence, but if someone else tells me about that and I’ve seen it, then it’s real. :confused:

Another one is related to the boss of round 14, The Ogre. It appears that in the arena “Hill House” the ogre spawns somewhere where he is trapped and cannot be killed, but here comes another problem…as you know, Zombies must be playable while being alone too, but even with 6k hp in a custom lobby, I couldn’t reach wave 14 to prove it, because the spawn rate is too insane and weapons were dealing so little damage! Like seriously, the Laser Machinegun was dealing around 8 damage to the Possessed Armor, the hex doll and the poison staff too, there were like 30 of them in round 10 -. I just simply died after all because of being afk…

So, I think that zombies needs some gameplay fixes and bug fixes, maybe buff some weapons in Hill House, if you can :confused: .
Might come with some more Zombies reports, stay tuned! :wink:
And can someone tell me again how the png thing works on the forums, please?

The boss issues are a problem with tsapi/tshock and will hopefully be fixed when we update. Hill house is very much balanced, stop trying to upgrade all of your weapons if you find it too hard.

" stop trying to upgrade all of your weapons if you find it too hard." Maybe I’m wrong, but i was spamming all my top tier weapons and they were all dying way too slow…

The “top-tier” weapon is not always the best one to use on a map. Often times by upgrading, you are making it harder to combo/control enemies.

I have a question, why does Zombies, but not any other dimension, has a bug that makes the arenas not generate and that holds for days? I really wish that this can be fixed.