Zombies: items disappear

It happens sometimes, usually when I press “R” to mount, the item I had on my hand (which usually is a weapon) disappeared making me unable to fight, even after looking for it around the map, my weapon wasn’t there, I had to wait to get enough scores to purchase another weapon (if the chest isn’t maxed out, else I can’t do anything)

It has happened to me more than twice at cryptic castle (when trying to mount pogo stick) and hill house (doesn’t remember the cause but pretty sure I accidentally pressed “R”)

I was playing on PC

What is your drop item key bound to? Items in Zombies instantaneously disappear when dropped in order to prevent an exploit; you may have accidentally pressed your drop key.


I tested it, yeah I guess I accidentally pressed my drop key, R is for mount and T for throw, need to re arrange, thanks :sweat_smile:

Assign it to the same key twice to unbind it(e.g. assign it to T twice)

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Alright thanks