Zombies Custom Wave Text

Suggestion for Map Building-

It would be a REALLY COOL feature if Map Builders could add wave text to their maps. This is already an implemented thing (ie the messages in the 2 rounds after the Moon Lord). Additionally, if possible, there could be options to do things to the text like color it, or have it appear at the last wave when the boss appears (whether there’s a boss or not).

Each text (thats the general name for all the texts that get spawned in) has its own unique way of identifying it. That is because no 2 Texts share the same Round, Wave, AND Offset. This helps for things like editing them, or deleting them.

/zmap addtext [Round] [Wave] [Offset] [Hex] [Text] - The main command, adds text to the round

(Round - Determines which round it appears in.)

(Wave - Determines which wave it appears in. For example, if you use 4 as the variable, then it will appear in the 4th wave of enemies.)
(this is an obscure mechanic of Zombies, but a wave is basically a measure of each time enemies are summoned from their graves.)
(Inputting 0 sends the text as soon as the round starts. To put it another way, it starts when the round before ends.)
(Inputting 1 sends the text when the countdown finishes and the first wave of zombies of the round appears)
(Inputting B sends the text at the very last wave. The “B” stands for Boss, as it will appear when the boss appears, but it can be used in any wave, regardless of if it has a boss or not. The B is just used for convinience as boss waves tend to vary.)
(Inputting any other number sends the text when you reach the wave of said number)
(Inputting a number bigger then the amount of waves is impossible.)

(Offset - Offsets when the text is sent by a measure of time. The number is in seconds, and can be a decimal, but not negative. For example, setting the offset to 10 sends the text 10 seconds after it would normally be sent. This can be useful for inputting long amounts of text. If you want to make text appear one after the other instantly, use the offset to order them. 2 Texts cant have the same Round, Wave, AND Offset, and they must have their Offset changed, even by a bit. This is to give each Text their own unique identification method, and to make sure you know which text appears when)

(Hex - Determines the color of the text, written in Hexadecimal. For example, inputting FF0000 sets the color to red.)

(Text - In this field, you put the text you want to appear.)


/zmap addtext 16 B 2 FF5500 Hope you like diabolists! < This inputs a message at Round 16, at the time the first enemies are spawned, in the color FF5500.

/zmap addtext 20 B 0 00ffff RAAAAAAHHHH
/zmap addtext 20 B 2 00ffff Who DARES to awake me from my slumber??? < These 2 messages appear at wave 20, when the boss spawns. The second message appears 2 seconds after the first one appears. They are both in the color 00ffff.

/zmap listtext - Lists all the text that appears in the selected map. Works similarly to /zchest listitems. The texts are sorted by Round, Wave, and then Offset.

/zmap deltext [Round] [Wave] [Offset] - Deletes text

/zmap modtext [Round] [Wave] [Offset] [Variable Type] [New Variable] - This mod is like /zchest moditem, but instead, you can change the variables like round, wave, color, or text.

(Variable Type - In this field, you put the variable you want to change)
List of variables-
(New Variable - This determines the new value of the variable picked in “Variable Type”.)

Examples -
/zmap addtext 20 B 0 00ffff RAAAAAAHHHH <Original command
/zmap modtext 20 B 0 4 55ffff <Now the color of the text is changed from 00ffff to 55ffff.
/zmap modtext 20 B 0 2 0 <Now the message appears at wave 1, instead of wave 0.

it would be cool if this was implemented :]

One last note: this is not related to Custom Mob Waves, but it could absoutely amazingly compliment it… Like if i had an Eye of Chuthulu boss, i could have text saying “EYE OF CHUTHULU HAS RISEN FROM ITS GRAVE!!!” or something idk. :]

The command does seem rather lengthy but thats to be expected! Though, I noticed you dont have anything for editing its original text; just replacing it or deleting it.


its here. for example, lets take the /zmap addtext 20 B 0 00ffff RAAAAAAHHHH command. if i want to change it to something else, i can do it like this-
to change it


I’m really against this feature unless it’s implemented as part of a greater scripting overhaul because the added complexity is not worth the result


i guess thats fair