Zombies Christmas Event

This annual Christmas Event has begun. There is a new pool in the gamemodes lobby for “Christmas Zombies”. Unfortunately did not make it in time for actual Christmas Night.

This event is based around one specific map: Christmas Night.
This map is for the event only.


Complete Round 12 on Christmas Zombies
Reward: Christmas Event Chest

End Date

The event ends when 2021 UTC begins. The portal will still exist but will be manually removed sometime after. If you complete round 12 after 2021 UTC begins, even if the lobby is from before, you will not receive the reward.


Map Built by: @Sertastic & @joseph0.31
Mob waves designed by: @Sertastic
Programming by: @popstarfreas
Testing by: @Sertastic, @popstarfreas, @Rafaelgamerplay_raf, @joseph0.31


Only one event chest per person right?

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That’s how it was like for every other event.

Make sure you have space in your inventory.


What happens if you don’t have space and didn’t get the box? Will that be accepted as an excuse to get another lootbox?

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Probably not. . .
Not having enough space in your inventory is your fault.

You can try to appeal nevertheless.

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How do I do that?

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Message Rofle here in the Forums.


How we Get That Chest in the game or On our Inventry

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As the original post states,

The event is already over. If you did not earn a Christmas lootbox during the event, you cannot obtain one now.

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