Zombies Checkpoints

Few last waves, almost fully geared. Disconnected full party! How do I(we) suppose to get to moon lord if we don’t have time for that?
Can you please add a check wave before dropping the connection?

dont think what you suggest is exactly possible, a while ago i tried doing something similar in a test server, and to save that much information would really hurt the server if you consider that every lobby would be saving progress each round. and since there is currently a limit of 10 lobbies, its quit something heavy. i mean it is possible but i dont think rofle would exactly apply it yet.

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Please discuss this because it takes all the wish to enter the server again(as for me).

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At approximately what time did this happen? Also, can you recall any details before the crash? Like Wave, Abilities(who was using what), Map, etc


End of 14th - 15th wave. Cryptic Castle.

We had:
Few summoners
Few swords

It happened yesterday with “Cryptic castle” too. But on the map were two people. Me and another guy. We were playing as summoners. He was guarding and I as always dual wield


There may have been too many projectile IDs, and summons do count as them. Also, if the gunner had an aerial bane, that takes up a lot of projectile IDs too.


Zombies checkpoints are too costly and only solve edge-case scenarios. The work to benefit ratio is too high and for the time being this is rejected.