Zombies Bug(s)

  1. Moon Lord
    When you reach round 20 and Moon Lord is spawned in, if you lose before killing him he will follow you into the intermission lobby and into the next map.
  2. Aerial bane
    When you use aerial bane and it hits too many zombies it stones you. This is probably part of some anticheat or something but on maps like Cryptic and Mystic this can be problematic.
  3. Hook + Duel wield
    Hooks get affected by duel wield. I don’t think it should do that.

You mean the intermission lobby, not the gamemodes lobby, right?

I guess that would make sense, maybe there could be something to despawn him


Bug 2 has a pending fix, it’ll probably go live next update
Bug 1’s fix is being worked on, it might come in the next update or two

I’m not sure about Bug 3. I am aware hooks can do that but it’s not planned for fixing


One bug per topic

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