Zombie Survival Changes

Very recently, I made a large change to how the chests work in Zombie Survival.

Firstly, you start off with nothing except some angler clothes. You will need to use a blue chest to select your class. While you are yet to do so, each chest will have their label/name set to “Select Class: {class name}”, so you can just hover over the chest to see what class it is. Once you right click this chest you are now set to this class.

Secondly, weapon, armor, accessory and ammo chests are now dependant on your class and their respective label/name will contain the necessary information automatically, rather than the previously set manual sign information. Rather than having all weapons, armor, accessories and ammo to everyone allowing any combination removes something that I hope with this new addition adds; Classes will be tailored in certain ways. Note that classes are a per-map/per-arena basis along with the contents of all chests. For those that want to make or have already made their own zombie map/arena, they will also have to work out what classes and items will be available.

Thirdly, along with class-specific chest items, there are Tiers for Weapon/Armor chests. When you purchase from one of these chests, the Tier is incremented and the items from the new Tier will be what is given in the next use, along with the total cost. That’s also a new thing. Each item specified in the chest has its own cost associated. This is less for the player and more for the map maker. When the max Tier of that chest is reached, the chest will be marked as such and no further purchases can be made at it. The hope in the way this will work is that similar items will be put in the individual chests. For example, a chest for pistols, where each Tier increment gives a better pistol. This allows you to essentially pick a weapon and “upgrade” it.

Fourthly, mana-based items are now part of zombies. I’ll take what has been defined so far (given the short time I had done this entire update + initial map update). Gunslinger relies solely on ammo. There is no copper shortsword to begin with. In this way, it is important that the Gunslinger does not run out of ammo. However, for the Mighty Mage, there is only the mana to worry about, with the downside that the initial weapon is rather weak, and its subsequent upgrades rather ineffective against the horde. Part of the key to this change is the diversity in playstyle. To start off with, you may be able to see that a mage is rather weak to begin with, but with the benefit that more score per round is obtained. This can be an advantage as the score gained in this way by the mage can be granted to another player in another class to the benefit of the team.

Lastly, temporarily the MagicBox has been removed. To stay consistent with the classes, it will need to be redefined. Right now I’m thinking that the items defined in the map per class can be used as the items that it contains.