Zombie - Kicked: Added buff to NPC abnormally


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Uncle Fubar

How often it happens
I’m getting kicked about one out of ten maps or so, far more likely when wearing frost armor and using any fast damage weapon. It doesn’t like me lighting things up apparently. The last one was with the high speed minigun, frost armor, and exploding ammo on the pirate ship map.

I would have to stream or record every map I play in order to capture it, but you can check my logs to see how often. Three or four times now in the past day or so. It didn’t start happening until I got gud enough recently to stack effects. I swear I’m not hax0ring.


It happens because frost armor inflilicts a debuff that doesn’t exists on 1.4 Mobile

So there is no actual solution till mobile updates

Meanwhile, just dont equip the complete set of frost armor, and also dont use fire gauntlet


is this for the mods? regular players dont have these kind of logs and im not sure if mods/admins/popstarfreases have them


Ok thanks that would explain it, but it was strange to me that it didn’t happen immediately or every time. Fairly often I’ve gotten through to the usual end/wipe around stage 12-13 without any problems lighting everything up and then bam, kicked for no apparent reason. No one else is joining that late in the map, so if one or more ppl are playing on mobile you’d think it would red flag the conflict immediately but sometimes it doesn’t.


According to Tru3thful:

My theory as to how the kick for abnormal debuff happened: I died while still having a projectile out, and I think it bounced and hit something. I was dead while it happened, and somehow that triggered the debuff that wouldn’t apply server side normally.


Fixed in