Zapinator bug/exploit with too much damage

so not a while ago i reported the orange zapinator being too overpowered, after testing for a while turns out it has a bugged feature where multiple damage numbers would come up. the default was 2 projectiles. later on there was a way that 3-4 damage ticks would show up, dealing a total of 300-450 damage in one frame. im not sure whether or not this bug is in every dimension but it was discovered in the pvp dimension. its hard to replicate but here is some pictures that had multiple damage numbers (i had the idea later on that it might be the solar armor shield but after removing it it was not)

Screenshot (62) Screenshot (63)

im sure that this is not a visual bug since it was able to insta kill someone with 520 hp

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I don’t see this as much of a problem, seeing how you’d have to be inside of a player to pull it off. Orange Zapinator isn’t as good as you think. The weapon itself is pretty mediocre, and the projectile doesn’t even come out of the correct spot, making it horribly inaccurate at times. Using it as a magic sniper doesn’t really fit the mage play style either. I don’t think anyone could really abuse this besides when playing friendlies. It is a neat bug though.


quick update on the whole zapinator glitch, this footage was recorded by player MichellZ:

after 1 zapinator shot
this was not on point blank, but was also replicated a couple more times from high range. so i suggest this to be looked at as an exploit more then a bug since its not balanced to be able to deal what is here almost 550 damage, then just finishing the player off with heat ray or phammer in 2 hits

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Is this problem not actually just a feature of the zapinator’s unique faculties? or am I wrong?

Also FYI: You can easily reproduce affects similar to what you are presenting with orichalcum.

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so i think you are right in a way this might be one of zapinators problems, but thinking about it more orichalcum armor leaves you in a defense disadvantage, meanwhile to use this zapinator thing you just need a sprinkle of rng and decent aim. and btw wasnt zapinator fixed in a way to shoot only one projectile?

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Regardless, of whether you use orichalcum or not, you do need to sacrifice quite a few accessory/armor slots to do substantial damage with the zapinator.
Besides that, apparently despite supposedly shooting one projectile it hits twice in a frame somehow, so something is off. That is the best answer I can give to your lattermost question.

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here is a drive with a couple of videos, it has more then a couple of instances with the bug happening

  • for the person being shot you see the bug happening when you take 2 damage numbers
  • for the person shooting you see 4 damage numbers
    -note that if there is 3 damage numbers im not sure about the source.
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This happens because the weapon’s projectile has increased velocity on it, meaning when it updates the velocity of the projectile, you can double hit with it. Same goes for True Excalibur but you can only double hit when it’s affected by the velocity bug (aiming down with a weapon that has increased projectile velocity, which then the projectile updates it position).

But I’ve 1 shot someone with zapinator dealing 327x2

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What is the damage cap of the Orange Zapinator actually?

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According to the PvP manager website, it just doesn’t have a damage maximum (or minimum, for that matter).

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