Your Ranger Loadout

I just wanted to ask the Bow Ranger mains or even just frequent users, what are your loadouts, weapon sets, and ammo? I’ve been trying many things but I can’t decide between Holy Arrows that deal 1500 total damage in one bow if all hit or the Chlorophyte burst or Venom snipes. Also, I can’t choose between taking damage over defence or mobility. So can you post your own custom loadouts so I can try them out and choose what works for me. Also, those who I have played with and know my playstyle, can you guys suggest a loadout for me? Thanks all!

Honestly, I don’t think you should change your loadout much. The ranger loadout that I use is:
Shroomite Headgear
Shroomite Breastplate
Shroomie Leggings
Menacing Ranger Emblem
Menacing Avenger Emblem
Menacing Magic Quiver
Menacing Tabi
Menacing Hoverboard

Unreal Tsunami
Unreal Pulse Bow
Ruthless Sniper Rifle
Nimbus Rod
Mythical Blizzard Staff

Venom Arrows
Chlorophyte Arrows
High Velocity Bullet

Of course, I limit myself due to training to become a PvP God on the server of Jupiter, but who knows if I will eventually get there. Probably not. Regardless, that is my setup, but, I think you should just stay with what you have. You seem to harness it well.

On a side note, don’t be that one person that everyone hates who spams holy arrows everywhere, aimlessly.

Demonic Nimbus Rod

I use potions as well, like Gen. potion, Lifeforce, wrath, Archery (for rangers ofc),
ammo reservation (if you’r lazy for using /i ), endurance and iron skin potions as well, Night
owl can also do as some are hiding and suprising me sometimes.

I like to keep Jester’s Arrows in my load out just for the long range potential it has compared to chlorophyte and venom arrows. It isn’t as powerful but I still enjoy using it. The rest of the loadout is pretty much the same and nothing much to change.
I also like to keep a sniper with exploding bullets just to suicide when below 25% hp and without any healing potions available within the next 30 seconds.

well ty sammich I know i was a bad pvper before now im slightly better