XxCustomVanitiesxX- About Me

I’ve been on this server for a while, but I haven’t said a lot about myself. I’d like to say this stuff here.

My name is Annabelle. I won’t reveal my age or anything private other than my first name. IRL I like to sing, read, and do crafts (when I’m not playing video games obviously). My favorite game of all time is Terraria, but I also like Minecraft, Hyrule Warriors, and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. I spend most of my time on my computer. After all, my bedroom is an introvert paradise, which is what I am. My favorite foods are steak and fried chicken. My favorite color used to be purple, but now its cyan and sky blue. I’m smart, wise, and kind, however I am also stubborn and can be sarcastic (its a family trait).

EDIT: I usually don’t like nicknames, but I understand that my name is hard to type. Feel free to call me either Belle (as MrSandwich is going to) or Custom. Anyway, continuing with the info.

My favorite thing to do in Terraria is making custom vanity sets, obviously. (If you want to see them, go to my vanity display case. It is about halfway from v2fb and the ocean on the left side.) I also like to fight bosses, especially with other people. I used to be melee class, both during my Mobile days as BlueFlame and partially on PC as XxCustomVanitiesxX, but recently I’ve switched to mage class. I think its more fun than melee. I also own a clan (check out the Vanity Clan thread if you want to join), which I am very proud of. It was made as a result of my helper application being denied (which I understand why it was). I knew I needed something to fill my time with, considering that fighting bosses and making vanity sets wasn’t going to take up all of the hours I play Terraria. So then the Vanity Clan was born.

I consider everyone to be my friend. I don’t like having enemies (although I’ve made a few before), so I try not to say anything that would make someone angry or sad. I also try to avoid conflict unless I’m dragged into it. Although IRL I’m the instigator, I consider myself a bystander online. So in general, I don’t like conflict.

I’ll probably add more to this later, under the name EDIT 2. So for now, bye!

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With all due respect, I’m going to call you Belle from now on. I’ve given a few people nick names and such, especially when their names aren’t that great for calling them out with.

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Yeah, knowing my username, people do need a universal nickname for me. xD

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Nice to know more about ya Belle! :slight_smile:

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