World Reset

As some of you may already have seen, the world has reset. This means:

  • All your creations are gone*
  • The Dungeon, for a while, has not been looted
  • Some stuff may not work (arena) for a little bit
  • There is more space to build
  • If you would like your creations back, you need to have a Donator status. For now, donating is done via PM’ing me. Simply PM me with a title including “Donation”, and in the contents tell me how much you are Donating and I will give you a full-list of options that you can get as rewards for donating at that price.

You must donate a minimum of $5 for Donator status. Donator status lasts just over one month (to include the next world cycle). You will retain all of your gifts in return for donating after the time period has ended but your permissions to customize your Donator rank will be disabled.

Why do I have to donate to get my stuff back?
Most likely, people will ask for their creations back and each creation is a schematic that needs to be :

  • Found
  • Selected
  • Copied
  • Exported
  • Uploaded
  • Downloaded
  • Imported

This will take a chunk out of my day to do and allowing anyone to request it will mean I have no time left. So, for those that have helped me out by donating, I’ll give you my time in return as well as a few gifts.

Note: The Entire world, excluding the spawn, will be available for download soon.

When is teh reset?

When Rofl gets better internet I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

yea lol now we have chance to find the best build spots.

I want a huge spot this time… i’ll play right after the new world >:C
Message me if the new world is there
I sometimes forgot to go to the news thread