World Reset + Collaboration

I think a World Reset is necessary at this stage. However, I don’t want to set out the template and be done with it. It’s obvious, the current state of V2 has its issues it had back when it was in, back in 2012. I did make changes but those changes were lost somehow.

What is the Collaboration?
I know there’s some good builders out there and what better than have the honour of building something for spawn. The one thing that’s missing is the addition of 2 PvP Arenas, a Member’s Sandbox Area, 1 or 2 more Boss Arenas/+1 Mob Arena and a Challenge Area. All of these must fit in with the design of the spawn (very important), they need to look as if they have always been apart of V2. I don’t want to be removing things but tbh, the top area over the shop needs to be changed; it’s absolutely useless and has no character what so ever.

How do I join the V2 Builders Team
Of course, if you’re going to be developing V2’s additions, you’ll need permissions to edit the area. The group that can do this is called the V2 Builders Team; this Team has the permission to edit and change areas of the spawn except those that have been flagged as “Do Not Edit” (You’ll be told of this). To join, you need to have a good understanding of the design at V2, good building skills and enough time to finish the job.

World Reset
Now of course, the only true way to edit the spawn is to edit the template, rough design work will be done on the current world, then transported using a private server to the template, and then the world itself will be reset (You’ll get a warning). Anyone who has donated and is yet to use their free schematic importation can flag buildings to be imported.

I shall enter and join :smiley: - I totally agree, a fresh start would be nice :smiley:

Yesyesyesyes!!! I want to help I want to help I want to help XD
I love building (as many know) and I would love to help build spawn and stuff.
All with permission if you don’t want me to help I will be fine with that.

I’ll enter and join. I enjoy building and such, it’s kind of like a puzzle to me. Making the perfect thing.

I’ll enter + I have been very active and school will be a little behind when the holidays are finished because of the yr 12 qcs results and op stuff.
I have been building allot lately so i have some challenges that might be good.

I’d like to join the designing team too, as I know that I got ideas to make better arenas as I
understand and know the new arena’s and the other place’s needs by the players,
I dont rhink I need to tell my skills as after all, my bunker is bigger than the v3 spawn and about the same size as the v1.

I’d like to Join the V2 Builders Team
Since I got 1st place the the Building Competition I think I can help in this.
Also I got nothing to do, rather than going afk in the server I’ll just join.
I want a Mob Arena anyway

If any more help with this is needed I’d be happy to :3

I would like to join the design team if possible. I would follow the main theme and would not put any personalize stuff at the spawn. ( unlike some people do ). I will listen and be active a lot more. I also enjoy building, as you all know and I think this a a great opportunity for me to build.

Furthermore, I can handle anything in my way and try my best to make it a great as possible. I hope I get chosen for a builder :stuck_out_tongue:

All Members of the V2 Builders Team will receive a [V2 Builder] Tag to advertise their status.
In terms of who can be in it, I need to initiate a meeting. The weekend is over now so I need to address a new day. For anyone wanting to be on a team, I need what times you can definitely be online on the server. Times must be in UTC, so convert them! This keeps all times in one standard.

Basically you mean what time I’ll be able to be on… Your time-zone-ified? Since I’m Central add 6 hours to it and then tell you what time?

Im on GMT+2 (Jerusalem). Mostly I play several hours after school.
I finish on 3PM most of the days, Friday and Monday on 1PM, but on Wednesday I finish on 5:30PM.
Saturday is fully free, but each day needs to be considered with homework and practicing.
If I may suggest, we can make a group on skype for it as I know that some already use it…

The point is, you don’t need to state your timezone but the times you do state are converted to UTC/GMT so that all times can be compared with each other to find a suitable one.

Mkay then. I can be on at 10 PM GMT time :3

(Still trying to figure out the time stuff) but I agree with punisher a Skype group would be good. I’ve talked to zues, juli, Hurley, punisher, and my cousin all in one big call together before (those were the times)

i would like to help

I can play, Week days = 4pm-9pm
I can play, Week ends = 8am-11pm
I haz skype, steam, DG, Email, Instagramz, Text messages, xbox; all ways of communication :0

I can play (on your time) from 9:30 (Pm) - 1:30 (Am) on weekdays
On weekends I can play from 4:30 (Pm) - 1:30 (Am)
Big time difference but I can’t stay up late now that I don’t have a laptop :c

That’s probably why when I go home (sick) early and I see Rofle on all the time. Cause for him it’s like6:00 but for me it’s like noon.

I use Skype :3 I’ve talked to zues and juli in one chat and that was a little awkward cuz me and zues would start to say something at the same time then awkward silence then we’d start again then finally one of us would zip it and let the other talk sooo with more people it seems it’d be harder for everyone to get their word in…(?)

Meh skype is Aeasirs I think. It has a DA2 mini miltia character for the profile pic. Feel free to contact me for the meeting if I’m in… (?)