(WIP) Chatting guide - How to chat well for a good reputation


Due to I learnt much about behaving here to get accepted, I write down here those things I learnt. This guide is WIP.

Reacting on people who annoy you or make uncomfortable

In September 2021 I learnt the hard way that saying “No spam”, “No profanity” at the slightest violation is unwanted.

  • So to get cooler here do not remind like every ten seconds about the rules.

However I learnt that if the profanity, if people enter in a sentence just too muchor they talk about a triggering topic I learnt in October 2022 that staying still is also not good.

  • So to not get into panic zone say to people who insult just too much “Hello, (name), i think you use too inappropriate language. Would you mind to stop swearing, please?” or in triggering topics “Could you please not talk about this in chat?”
  • If the person who discomforts you does not stop, report them and don’t say that you report them and don’t say “A mod will ban you” or similar.

Blatant spam, profanity and racism are not responded to, instead you should straight report those people. Also don’t say any word to a hacker because they will flee.

Talking with others


Before just straight jumping into the topic just say “Hi, how are you?”. That is small talk and I forgot it in an English exam and got deducted a point for no small talk.

  • Greet your speaking partner with “Hi, how are you”
  • Don’t get too formal like e. g. in school or in offices (no “Dear … … Regards …”)
  • Let your speaking partner to write to the end, i. e. don’t enter like 15 messages loaded with much info while they type

Small talk

After greeting ask a small talk question like

  • How are you?
  • How is the weather?
  • What game did you play recently?
  • What film did you watch recently?
  • What did you do recently?

No-go in small talk is:

  • Political, religious talk (breaks also the rules)
  • illnesses (borderline breaks the rules)
  • money
  • harrasment
  • talking behind other’s back negatively (like in April about Nate was talked)

Tips for a good convo

  • Do not interrupt your talking partner
  • If convo gets into a deadlock, ask an open question (not the either or or yes no ones)
  • Do not derail chat. If you don’t have anything to add, don’t say anything. This I learnt in October 2022 when I derailed Dunn man.

Ending convo

Announce that you got to go because if you leave suddendly the people will think that you quitted out of spite. Say things like “goodbye” or “i gtg goodbye” to say you will go. If you leave the convo because your internet crashed say that it was the internet. This is so they don’t think you left without reason

Establishing yourself in the community

If you want to get social with others there are many ways for it

In the server

  • Build with others a zombies map
  • Duel people in PVP
  • Test in zombies maps
  • Play a zombies match together

In Terraria and other games

  • Ask in the discord what others play. Maybe someone plays another game that you play too? Then ask maybe if you can play with them that game
  • In doscord there is a spam cgannel, maybe play there a word game or tictactoe
  • Join dg discord’s Voice Channels if you are feeling comfortable enough

Adapting to your talking partner (“Reading the atmosphere”)

So to not come socially akward around you need to observe your situation where you are. Here it is important the Wh/H questions:

  • Who do I meet
  • If I know their timezone, when at what time I meet them: at 10 PM they are less concentrated than at 2 PM. On Monday they are less chill than on Sunday usually.

Pay attention to how other people act and communicate. You’ll be able to learn a lot more just by observing how others are behaving. You can do it nearly everywhere where people meet:

  • in the chat
  • in your area in the bus/tram/train
  • in cafes and restaurants
  • in school/uni/work breaks
  • in clubs

An example is a sick person in chat, it is not recommended to enter 3 gifs or a wall of text or exclamative sentences.

Being nice

Being nice is more than having commonsense to not to enter profanity or racism or just following the chat rules. There are ways to be rude without breaking the rules and here it is explained how to avoid that

Leaving so that it is not seen as ragequit

No matter if you won or lost, it is advised to say gg before leaving so that if one lost that does not look like ragequitting. On the other hand the person who won even when by a huge difference is not advised to say EZ but needs to say GG so that the person who lost is not offended.

Do not ragequit ever. It does not make the situation better. If you lost against players, as earlier said, say gg then leave. If lost to a boss this gives you the opprotunity to rethink your strategy or grind more items. If losing patience when grinding, make a pause.

If you need to go, suddendly or not, due to real life things, say “I gtg, cya” or “Goodbye, I have to go”, so the other people know you go off and not wait for you. The others will respect you if you need to go due to real life tasks.


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I will only leave without warning for very specific reasons be it unexpected family time and not having time to say that I have to go, or medical emergencies.


Sometimes l also leave like this when it gets too chaotic because of how sensitive and fragile my feelings and emotions are at times.

This is more apparent, and common when I’m out of my medicines.


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