Wild Hunt

To add to the content of the Trading System, the Hunt page has been re-opened. However, this Hunt is no seasonal or special event; it will last for longer than the other Hunts, and the clues will be added to over time. Most of the rewards will include random items, the same that you get upon leveling up, few will contain a fraction of a Credit and none will contain any colored Titles/Tags or anything of that sort.

For those of you who have not participated in a Hunt, it work as following.

You use the button to get a new clue:

Once you’ve read the clue, and you think you’ve found the location of the egg you can use the “Search Vicinity for Egg”:

If successful you will be rewarded:


Each clue is for a different location. Clicking on “Get Clue” after having an existing clue will both cost more, and have absolutely nothing to do with your current clue. You can get more clues if you are stuck on your current ones.

If you do not have enough slots available for the rewards, it will say . Ensure you have around at least 6 slots available.

When using the “Search Vicinity for Egg” button, you need to be online on Mirror using your account name. For example, mine is Rofle, so I need to be using the name Rofle for it to work.

[li]The items you gain now start with 100% of their Life[/li]
[li]You can now use the Shop on Mirror. This will make it easier to sell your stuff without switching servers.[/li]