Why posting meaningless replies is bad.

[quote=Shoutbox]chenaley : Don’t you think we should be able to be free once in a while? xD
popstarfreas : You know that this site has limited storage right?
chenaley : Ahh, sorry about that.
chenaley : It was just kinda fun to do that. :confused:
popstarfreas : Well as long as I’m the only one contributing money to this site, then I will keep tight the rules of posts.

The problem is that I’m running the site on limited set of features. It isn’t a major concern but as the site grows and more posts are added to more threads the space I have now will be used up. I would much rather prevent and clean-up meaningless posts now than later when there is nothing left.

I may be more inclined to provide such places if the person doing it contributed to paying the price.

I will be paying money monthly soon to support the dark gaming community so we can play and talk to others without lag and also to give the site a nice makeover if wanted by pop when I am older I will be paying more than ten pounds a month like I am planning to i will be paying 100 maybe 200 a month if I get good pay this will happen in 9 years so don’t get ur hoped up

Ok if you post a reason why you have been/will be inactive, is that counted as meaningless? XD

I’ve been wanting to delete meaningless replies so I’ll happily patrol the threads and delete such comments if wanted.

I have always been deleting meaningless posts, and posts related to them. I suppose it’s hard to see that sort of thing, but I have been doing so for months.