Why must I have Terraria to be Verified?

I know some people will be wondering why you need to have the game to be Verified.

First off, if you are going to play Terraria, I think we should, at the least, expect you to have supported the developers by buying the game. It is very cheap and is hardly a burden on your money.

Secondly, our Verification system is automated and cannot be manually done. We cannot just tick the “Verified” box as it is much more complex than that. Those that have the game on Steam and therefore legitimately have the game, will be treated better on our server than those who have not*. Non-verified users may still PvP, use limited warps, rank up using our “Member” rank-line and interact with other players on the server; they cannot however, use or gain better commands and permissions, such as building permissions, which Crew/Verified Users have.

If we were to ever make an exception in our system, we would essentially start corrupting it, defeating the very purpose of its existence; Users would simply come back under a different name, after they’ve been banned, and simply do what they did before to bypass the system.

But, for those that do not have Terraria:
(This is simply an extension of the text-above, read it first)
This doesn’t mean you cannot play on our server anymore. Once all of our features are in, you will have access to limited versions of which is available to Verified Users; there will be dedicated building areas which can be locked for up-to 1-week, tasters of rank-lines, a free-item shop to explore the countless items in Terraria, and more!

  • Have Fun!
  • This only includes things that are not required by our staff such has helping building. Everyone will be treated the same against the rules.