why hv i bin banned

i donno why i hv bin banned.
i hvt bin on for one day cuz my dads ill so cant use the internet all the time he cant work yet.
I hvt bin Greifing i dont know why ive bin banned ive made a island exstended the mushroom island and thats it.
who would think i hv done greifing?.

speak ENGLISH and maybe we can understand you

no its text type im a slow typer

hvt is no excuse for not typing “Haven’t”

like have hv yeah but still some people do that and im english

I wasn’t saying that you weren’t. However long it takes, you need to make the grammar on a ban appeal almost perfect, or they wont accept it.

sorry ok

[quote=weegeeweegee123] There is no word limit, however, a more detailed application will be given more thought. Rushing your application will not get you unbanned. [/quote] There’s nothing about perfect grammar, just about rushing it. I just want to know who banned him.

i dont know who banned me

Rofl will find that out. And actually grammar does matter. I’m just silly.