Where have the Moderators and Admins been?!

this past week there were no mod or admins on to took over the server

Watch what you say. I have been on an hour a day everyother day and on extra days besides that. Also make a player report and stop complaining. We stated why we couldn’t be on and I want to get on as much as possible. It is your fault you failed for becoming a moderator.

I agree with Lego, I’ve been on more then I thought I would being that its hunting season for me. Above all else we do not need or half to answer to you. I vote to close and delete this.

General, how many times did I logged into the server due to offenders when you or anyone els has called for moderators to the server?
You are active like 1 hour per 2 days (as I barely see you online in the server).
You should’v understand it yourself as both me and chen got some stuff to do, and life is more important than gaming. (God’s sake, I’m 10th grade and learning till 2:30-6PM).
Anyone els got to add something or just lock it?

kk sorry close it now my bad Topic closed