When well the house plug in work again ?

If the server has a new world id like to build a home but this is preventing me from it. The game gets boring when you cant build, And i wont build anything untill i can protect it.

Again, please pm someone about this or use the shoutbox. Ask on the server for all I care. All the following useless threads like these will be deleted.

The plugin has not been updated yet either.

You know what im done here. If every post i make is considered spam then im clueless to why i even hang out here. Bye and good riddence.

Wow… Just because we tell you that these are considered spam, doesn’t mean you should quit this server. Just pm someone about it. If you are leaving, then that shows you have no dedication to this server.

Your right i dont .

Well goodbye Techkid. Since this thread is useless and could have been asked in a more private way to any of the staff members, I will now close it.