Whats your music?

Hello people, Yamik here.
Im sure many of you have heard me say something related to music when Im on the server. And music is a big deal to me, I really like it, and its really helped pass the time in Terraria, whether Im building, pvping, or just chilling. But lately, Ive been thinking, “What do others listen to?” So Ive decided to make this post and to have you share with the server your genre of music (as well as your favorite songs) that you listen to when you’re on the server :slight_smile: I personally am very interested in exploring different genres of music (or cool songs in genres Ive overlooked) to quench my never ending thirst for music. In addition, a person’s taste in music may reflect many things about the person themselves, so this could also help us be acquainted with the community better.

Please reply to this thread with the music you listen to when youre on the server. If possible, give us a youtube link or something for easy access. If its a mix, all the better.

I usually tend to stray to Electro, House, and Monstercat when I do anything alone

I am a fan of most monstercat releases also, I tend to like Drumstep, Electro, House (Progressive included) Dubstep (Not hardcore), the occasional Trap and some minor sub genres also. Often listen to it when playing League or just when doing homework.
I don’t have a play list yet and I’ll make a link to it soon.

I really like pop, anime, and video game songs. Like Phantom, I don’t have a play list ready, so I guess I’ll just list my favorite songs on my playlist.

Touhou- Bad Apple (A video game song)
Neon Genesis Evangelion- A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Anime)
Clean Bandit- Rather Be (Pop)
Bastille- Pompeii (Pop)
Imagine Dragons (Pop)
Katy Perry- Part of Me (Pop)
Coldplay- Sky Full of Stars (Pop)
Fall Out Boy- Centuries (Pop)
Fall Out Boy- Immortals (Pop)
David Guetta- Titanium (ft. Sia) (Pop)
Sonic Colors- Reach for the Stars (Video game)
Imagine Dragons- I Bet my Life (Pop)
Coldplay- Princess of China ft. Rihanna (Pop)

This is half of my playlist. There are still a lot more that I like, I just listed my favorites.

Personally I like Euro House, Trance, and Electro, but I am a big fan of orchestras, so I tend to listen to classical or anime OSTs. When it comes to the server, i almost always listen to this mix here;
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-T7RwmF3so which is just a ton of anime OSTs. In this mix my favorites are Bleach - Invasion and Ao no Exorcist’s Symphonic Suite Third Movement. Otherwise Id listen to Above and Beyond podcasts or MrSuicideSheep or something along those lines.

I like servant of evil love Is war and soleli

I’m listening to Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars
but sometimes even to Dubstep (I don’t really like hard core, but
only ones that I like despite that it isn’t the best for me-some of them
just sounds like old doors) and sometimes to some NFS or F&F OSTs.
(Excuse me, what what the heck is Monstercat?)

Monstercat is a bit like MrSuicideSheep (although that probably doesnt clear anything up…)
Basically he’s a music promoter, so on his youtube channel he puts out videos of other peoples’ songs and makes his own mixes/podcasts to promote good songs or new artists. Im pretty sure that what he does.

Dun worry Pun, you ain’t the only one :wink: Not all of this is Rock I don’t think haha, but it’s all awesome to my ears!
Skillet music (Hard rock):
Not Gonna Die
Fire and Fury
Thousand Foot Krutch music (Hard rock):
War of Change
Take it out on me
Be somebody
Untraveled road
We are
Owl City music (Mainly electronic/powerpop I think):
Shooting Star
Good time
You’re not alone
Newsboys music (Christian rock):
God’s not Dead (Like a lion)
Live with Abandon
Born again
That’s how you change the World
Save your life
DC Talk music (Christian rock, I think):
Jesus Freak
What if I stumble
All of these are so awesome, not listed favorites in any particular order but these are my favorites from each band =P

And I know 0 of the songs you mentioned Slayer… Q.Q

Who, me? Don’t call me slayer man… Slayer who used to come here kinda got banned for being a jerk to Rofle (Like, cussing Rofle out, smart guy eh?)
Oh well, you should listen to them if you like rock ha I went to a Newsboys concert last night- It was freakin awesome!!!

My bad Ren :3 Didn’t know there was a slayer. o.O

I love “Fireflies”!! Thanks for reminding me about that, I’ll put that on my playlist.

Well i listen to Rock aswell like:
-30 Seconds to Mars
-From Ashes to New (my gods)
-There for Tomorrow ( another gods ) - Sore winner
-Starset - Carnivore
-Escape the fate
-Linkin Park
-Dead by April
-Thousand foot krutch
-Framing Hanley
-Mayday Parade
-Abandon All Ships - Guardian Angel
-Decyfer Down

And then i listen to a lot of Anime openings/endings like:
-Fairy tail opening 18
-Soul eater opening and ending 4 ( The ones not from Repeat show )
-Bleach opening 5
-Kuroko’s Basketball opening 5 ( Best one tbh )
-Shaman king opening ( The English one )

or Anime OSTs:
-KnB ost - Kuroko’s theme
-Bleach ost - b13a
-Fairy tail’s main theme song ( Metal version )
-KnB ost - Kiseki no Sedai
-Fairy tail ost - Destruction of the Evil Wind/Jellal’s theme
-Yu-gi-oh Duel Monsters main theme song ( Don’t judge me )
-KnB ost - Akashi playing Shogi
-Blue exorcist ost - Me & Creed ( Instrumental version )
-Bleach ost - Final GetsugaTenshou
Sad OSTs:
-Fairy tail ost - We are fairy tail ( i cri everytim + Fairy tail has the saddest OSTs )
-KnB ost - Hikari to Kage ( This song is kind of only sad if you have seen the anime in my opinion )
-Naruto ost - Sadness and Sorrow

-Nightcore - Run
-Nightcore - Angel with a shotgun
-Nightcore - This little girl
-Nightcore - Fairy tail’s main theme remix(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8QTHgrKgm0)

and some Trap and Electro songs:
-Dekku - Rescue me
-Diplo ft. Grandtheft - Pretty with her eyes low
-Effeil 65 - Blue (KNY Factory remix)
-Whispa - Kawaii as fvck
-F.O.O.L - Keep on rocking
-Helio Kiyoshi - OVERCROOKED

It’s fine Alpha =P Most people prefer to call my Dragon or Renald anyway… :3

Yep, love monstercat too. It plays on my background when I’m playing anything.


Do you people even pay attention to the date of when the thread was posted?

Does it matter? All because the thread died doesn’t mean that people can’t post on it with their opinions.
I mean what if somebody decided to make a thread about music choices, I bet some of you guys would link them this, but here they’d just get complaints from posting on an old thread.

Well said you turnip, btw I like instrumentals and a bit of rap here and there.