Whats your biggest passion?

can be game, movie etc.


Short answer : One of the things i always liked was programming,

Long answer

Even as a smol child, the concept of how in general electronic stuff worked, Specefically computers, since i never had one till’ around 2019, I was left with that curiosity

And to add more, Aswell when i was in elementary school at 2nd grade, there was a computer with a strange OS (that at the time idk which is) and was kinda fun messing around with the folders, and find stuff, i did some weird things, lime being excited every time i found a file with a different/new extension, i think i only used it like 7 times in the year, Mostly because was for a “Computer class” But in reality we were only drawing things in a drawing app

After that, i never touched a computer ever again till’ a long time

And that time was around mid school, power point pressentations, Word docs, Excel sheets, etc… Started to be more common around the school, so teachers started to ask homework in these formats for expositions.
That is sort of when i my interest in programming became more visisble, At that time i had in the mind about studying/working in electrical systems, but using the rental computers (Which they had WinXP lol, ) Gave me a mixed feelings of nostalgia and curiosity

Eventually i became a frequent visitor at the rental computers place, Mostly because i was some of the few who didn’t have a computer or smartphone to do digital homework,

One day as common, i walked to the rental computers place, and the owner (i’ll call it “Louis”) told me if i was interested in buying one computer, because he was moving out to another place, and aswell was a bit old, but seemed useful for me.
The ñrice was a bit low (200USD), But i was a teenager at that moment, so that seemed like a freaking ton for me

Eventually, The school year was coming to an end, And i was gping kinda bad in school lol
However, Louis told me that the studebts who got more than 90% on the final grades, Could get a scholarship of 300$

I had 82% i think , i needed almost a 100% in the next exams in order to at least reach the 90%

I dont know how the hell i did it, ,but got a 100%

The school year ended, and i could get mah first computer
Was a win7 that updated to win8.1, had some basic stuff, but enought for me

All after that was me doing random stuff in windows, The CMD, and messing around with HTML, lol
The contest exam to get in high school was in 2 months,and since im bad and i lack i dicipline, i wasn’t able to be a self taught programmer, that was the time i fully went into programming

Passed the exam, Got a place in a programming school, The pandemy started, So i had plebty of time for a part rime job , and eventually recently i got a more updated pc in terms of hardware, and im studying programming in general.

I’ll provably will go for desktop apps developer or web developer

For now the most i have done are console apps and some very basic stuff, soon ill start working on GUIs (AKA Graphic User interface i think?)

So yea, I like programming , I currently know some C++, C and C# (Mostly I learned C# due to terraria lol)

And unironically, i have probable spent more time on videogames that to any other activity in my life,and still i like more writting code lol (For now…)


mine is sleep


@Geolindrag how old are you?


the videogame terraria


reading and learning


always fun being a know-it-all.
you get to have really interesting cafeteria conversations.


Yeah. I love cafeteria conversations. There isn’t anything quite like tossing an apple across the room and giving someone a concussion or slapping a good friend with your ketchup covered weiner.


bro is speaking truth

philosophical debates about australia and metal gear rising are very prevalent at my lunch table lmao


stranger things, hollow knight, terraria, and running

metal gear not so much because im not a huge fan of ‘hack and stab’ style games, but i like the lore, music, and characters. The quotes are gold, too.


geometry dash is really fun and nice


my cafeteria friend group was talking about geography trivia


reverse-engineering / finding the individual processes of a thing(can be an app, a toy, or something else)


Facts, literally today I alerted the entire cafeteria by twisting a bottle until it started clouding and the. It popped.


Cooking, Pokemon (mostly comp but I’m doing a Shining Pearl Nuzlocke!),and Team Fortress 2. Also terraria aswell but to a smaller extent can the amount of times I have been burned out from it.


I’m bad at cooking. Cook for me everyday will you?


mine is drawing e but im starting to lose the passion for it a


Hmm my top three answers will be reading webnovels, drawing blood from people, and viewing strange things under the microscope


I never said I was good.


Very short answer: Drawing/Art