whats the deal with my thread getting deleted you do realize it was in off topic and completely fine

honestly what the hell.

edit: it had a response from thepunisher and i couldnt even read it due to it being deleted

What was the thread even about?

It was about some weird Eagle Overlord stuff that doesn’t make any sense to everyone :confused:

still waiting for an explanation for this.

i sure don’t see one.

it was useless and didn’t do anything positive

guess what, that’s what off topic is for if you didn’t realize what that meant.

sorry for being rude about it but it’s painfully obvious

yea but it takes a slot that could have been for more important D:

wow that rudess

let me provide you with some highly useless threads.

mine atleast had the opportunity to be entertaining. i cant say the same for the majority.

looking at the titles i see “oh no im leaving” and “oh hi im back lol” coming up more than anything.

It’s useless since you were being weird with your roleplay stuff and what’s the point of a thread that none would get? Also you sounded a bit offending when you talked about Barbariccia. The threads that you showed aren’t useless, they show have a subject that everyone gets not like yours.
So stop complaining about your thread being deleted.

maybe it’s hard to understand, maybe you’re not bright, maybe i’m not even directing my question towards you and instead at the staff of this website.

Roleplay? eh, hardly.
What is there not to understand about eagle over lords xD certainly you see it’s a joke while at the same time being very simplistic in its nature. You should understand the subject since it’s so blatantly obvious, it’s just tiring to explain to you what others see plain as day. (i swear if you don’t understand that it’s something to start a thread i don’t know what’s up with you)

about barbariccia, yes i was making a joke, i’m doubtful it may have been offending unless you’re oversensitive of course. it’s the internet, surely you know people will remark about an others picture if it’s of themselves eventually, male or female.

what’s there to not be irritated about? my thread was deleted without explanation or warning in any way. at least 2 of the threads stated are so pointless it actually aggravates me just reading them.

One thing you need to remember: Your thread can’t be deleted without a good reason enough.

Why don’t you look at the mirror and see who’s being oversensitive and rude. You keep looking for reasons to put you to right obviously. But even if it was joke, it is not a good joke and remember that. I understand that the subject was about those eagle overlord stuff, but do you even know what is the reason why your thread got deleted?

If you continue to be like that, then I’m not replying next time. I’m leaving this to the staff to tell you the reason.

“One thing you need to remember: Your thread can’t be deleted without a good reason enough.”
yep, kinda why i came here.

i’m not exactly being oversensitive i was irritated when i first discovered what had happened so yes you can see that evident in my first post.
i won’t deny i’m being rude, but don’t ask obvious questions and you wont get a sarcastic reply.

honestly the quality you think of that joke isn’t much of a concern to me .-.

“do you even know what is the reason why your thread got deleted?”
literally do you even know why i made this thread.

“still waiting for an explanation for this”

and that’s kind of the point… to hear from the staff.

Well I’d say that’s a better response from you so now just be patient… if by chance any staff would reply.

Flux people are trying to help you so, drop the attitude and appreciate it. im not trying to be rude but hold on until a member of staff (probably Box I got a feeling that he deleted it) that can help. :DD: