What is your favorite weapon in terraria?

share in the comments what your favorite vinalla terraria weapon is


Melee: Call me basic, but the good old fashioned Terrablade, and I for one am looking forward to what happens to it 1.4.4!
Ranger: The revolver, mostly cause I like to style on people with it in dg pvp! Also cause I really like revolvers!
Summoner: Frog staff, I just like the derpy frog summon and it’s the best prehardmode summon staff in my opinion!
Mage: Last Prism all the way, I like how it sounds, looks, and obliterates everything in it’s path!


I like the rainbow rod a beautiful


melee: gotta be mushroom spear staff bc u cant go wrong with it, its like death sickle but way more easier to get (honorable mention to bladetongue)
ranger: ya sure i do hate ranger but tbh i feel like daedalus strombow and celebration due to there unique weapon mechanic
summoner: for whips it have to be spinal taps bc u could go on with in until plantera due to its summon tags next is desert tiger staff bc its fast, strong and its have unique mechanic like stardust dragon staff but have diffrent AI

and last but not least is mage which is gotta be demon scythe, life drain and 3 cursor controllable rods


There are a huge vareity of wepons in Terraria.
Anyways: cool weapons:
aerial bane bc op
terra blade is og sword
coin gun is unique
bananarang is cool
razorblade typhoon takes you to the end
lunar flare is interesting
magnet sphere is interesting
wooden sword and copper shortsword helps you start
firecracker is unique


Melee: Breaker Blade. Extremely useful against early hardmode, and retains it’s usefulness for meleers against destroyer. At that stage, it is unfortunately phased out by stronger weapons, but I love breaker blade anyway.

Ranger: I only like Tsunami and Bee’s Knees. Everything else could be removed, and I wouldn’t care.

Mage: Inferno Fork is pretty cool looking, despite being outperformed by literally every other weapon at that stage. Razorblade Typhoons have got to be my favorite mage weapon. Homing, bouncing, piercing, and remarkably easy to get at any stage of hard mode.

Summoner: Actually pretty hard for me to choose. For whips, my favorite is the Durendal. It lasts you up to Golem because of it’s simple efficiency, increased whip speed, decent range, and the highest tag damage you’ll get until EoL. It still remains useful due to whip stacking, too!
For minions, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but after me complaining about how fcking useless it is, when I actually used it (even without whips!) I just really enjoy playing with this minion, it’s mechanics, and the concept of it. The damage is actually decent, and while it does stand still while attacking, after going through so much with it, I can’t help but emerge with a completely new opinion of the Abigail’s Flower.
Sentry: Lunar Portal Staff. It’s pretty OP, and 1.4.4 is going to make it even more so. It’s extremely good against crowds, it almost never misses, it’s actually good against single entities too, and it hits each enemies 2-3 times. Rainbow Crystal Staff is not my favorite because it cannot handle crowds or extremely fast enemies. I actually use it more for PvP than PvE lol.