What is the best character to play?

Im new and i use a summoner dont know whats the best though


It’s not called a character, it’s called a class. The best one is purely subjective and not fact set in stone.


This person never played terraria before,just FYI. He only got the information from me (few minutes of informations)


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It depends on how you like playing the game

Melee - close ranged, no mana/ammo needed. nice if you dont like getting ammo all the time/mana

Ranger - this one is nice if you like being able to fight from afar, but you need to pre-stock ammo before fighting and have ammo on you at all times

Mage - This one is usually far ranged, and requires no ammo. The catch is, you cant fire unless you have enough mana, a bar similar to health, which always recovers, but recovers faster when standing still.

Summoner - This is kinda similar to melee/mage, but is still unique in its own right. It uses mana to summon minions to attack for you. If you want, you can use a whip (which is boosted by summoner gear and directs minions). It does use mana, but you only need to summon them every time you die. It can be far ranged, but if you want to, you can squeeze some extra damage in there with whips.

if playing in normal mode, you dont really need to worry about this, but in the harder modes, you may have to optimize to one single class

(im not an expert at this .)


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Female characters are the best character to play.


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I agree, female characters are the best characters to play


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Well, here’s the breakdown of the different classes…

Melee: either facetank everything and spam (mainly swords, spears, and flails), or use light melee and actually dodge a few attacks, but you can still facetank without huge consequences (typically used with yoyos and boomerangs).

Ranger: spam spam spam, run run run, and pray you don’t run out of ammo. This class is likely the simplest one to use, and it even has great dps and range. You have to be reasonably good at dodging and/or running away from shit, though.

Mage: This is, in my opinion, the worst class. It has good dps and range, and specializes in four areas:

AoE, or Area of Effect - Applies a spread of damage over an area, reducing the need to aim. This is things like the Inferno Fork and the Nimbus Rod.

Homing - Your projectiles chase enemies, meaning you can focus on dodging rather than aiming. This is things like Razorblade Typhoons and the Weather Pain.

Wallpierce/Rain - Attacks go through walls and/or rain from the sky. This is stuff like the Vilethorn and Blizzard Staff.

Piercing - Attacks pierce multiple enemies. This is stuff like the Shadowbeam Staff and the Demon Scythes.

This may sound all well and good, but magic weapons also require mana to use. The only way to allow infinite mana is with the Mana Flower, but it also happens to MASSIVELY reduce your dps, and can be costly due to Mana Potions being needed. This also takes an entire accessory slot away from possible damage, defense, or mobility capabilities. I like the class, but its mechanics make it inherently worse than the other three.

Finally, my favorite, Summoner class! This class is argueably the most difficult to use and properly use at that, but if you have good dodging skills and are used to rapidly changing hotbar slots mid-fight, summoning class surpasses all the other three classes in DPS and (in some cases) range! The class’s low defense also encourages dodging, meaning (if you think about it), greater survivability. There is a drawback (I’m not gonna lie) though, and that’s the fact that almost all your dps relies on minions. If those minions aren’t fast enough to keep up with certain bosses or you, they can’t function that well. However, that’s why some minions, such as the Sanguine Staff and the Vampire Frog Staff exist- they can deal consistent damage on almost anything. They are fast, deal high dps, and can keep up with almost anything. If you choose minions with decent AI (mainly 1.4+ added ones), the class literally loses all drawbacks besides its armors’ low defense. All of this class’s drawbacks can be completely eliminated, unlike the other class’s, which remain constant at all times.
tl;dr - Keep going with summon class if you are good at it and/or enjoy it. The other three classes are good at their own purposes, and I would reccomend ranger if you don’t like summon.


I’m just gonna give my opinion.
First of all equip a set of accessories that helps with summon damage. After that take of your summoner accessories beacause the damage if the summoner u just summoned won’t change (unless you summoned a another summoner by accident). The summoner will help you to fight against others. Also try using melee weapons that shoots out a projectiles or use guns and bows beacause swinging a sword near your enemy ain’t same for ya. Also if your bad at aiming just try chlorophtye bullets. Also lots of weapons that have a chance not to consume ammo. If you have trouble with ammo just craft the endless pouch(need 999×4 masket balls) or for arrow the endless quiver (need 999×4 arrows) at a crystall ball. Also while fighting enemies it’s smart to atleast summon 1 summoner for extra damage. Also mage is kinda bad.