What happened to the community?

Hey there,
I have been noticing that the community in DG is somehow decreasing. Don’t get me wrong, its just that whenever I log on, the only thing I see in chat is [Player] has left. and [Player] has joined. Maybe the odd “Where can I get this Item?” but thats all. And compare that to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zSd3DA-JJI. Please understand me, maybe it’s just me logging on at a wrong time. (timezones FTW)

Whenever I’ve been on there’s been lots of people asking questions and getting answered.
As for the general community, there’s still plenty or recurring players I see and interact with every day. Could be the timezone, or that you just don’t how to bring out the chatty people.

I don’t see any “decrease”. It’s been on the up lately.

Come to /warp PvP and there’s usually plenty of community to interact with. The PvP sub-community is amazing once you get to know it.

I dont PvP often so maybe its that… and again, timezones FTW