What dimension do YOU think has the most bugs?

Read the title.

  • Gamemodes/zombies
  • PvP
  • Items
  • Sitems
  • Survival
  • Build
  • Protoype
  • Other

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Kind of weird question, and hard to answer if ya ask me

Zombies has some bugs, But mostly ones that are there since a lot of time (Like vanilla weapon bug) and mostly map bugs, but this is more map builder related rather than dimension (without counting 1.4.4 bugs,since these are only the swords, and that tecnically aplies to all)

Survival is the one that has most bugs, More specifically the anticheat, and the SSC, However, probably many of these are caused by lag rather than real bugs, since vanilla terraria as itself when lagged does weirder things than shill at 3AM

PvP bugs are mostly Terraria netcode fault, But likely is the less bug one

Items/Sitems/build are likely to be bug free, The only ones i can recall are at build, The one that doesn’t allows you to break tiles and swap vanity, and in sitem, where sometimes dummies appear in mobile edition

Prototipe doesnt counts as well, since its literal purpose is to search bugs , and sometimes changes dimensions

And oh boy,
“PvE has been restarted”
PvE as itself isn’t really bug filled, But rather it crashes every week at least, So idk if this counts as buggier than Survival

Tl;dr Either survival Due anticheat and ssc, or PvE since it crashes every week


I heard a lot of people arguing about issues with zombies.
It was closed yesterday, and weapons freeze you, but it’s open today


Wait, there’s more than 6 dimensions&


@EraRyuu , i’d like you to explain this please


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