Website suggestions

I was thinking maybe you should do the same thing in the shoutbox as you do on the threads to stop ebm from spamming, and maybe make it a bit bigger to? theres only 5 slots for messages and i would like to read more than 4 of ebm’s spam and someone telling him not to. add any other suggestions below.

r u a grill

I would hope you meant to say “Are you a girl?” Not are you a grill… lol.

But there used to be a way to actually click on the shoutbox so you could see about 20 messages and I think you could scroll up or down not sure about that part.

btw ebm i only POST on 4-5 threads, not ‘spam’ on 10.
i know, i was just thinking we could bring it back

The plan is that there will be a separate page for the shoutbox which will have around 20 and will have a “memory” (not really, but it would act as such). Simply, any new shouts would be added to the list instead of removing one to gain one. So if you left it on all-day, you would see all the shouts for that day on that page. Unless you refreshed it. This is a much better idea I think.

can we hurry up please? how long do you think it will take before its up?

Double posting is counted as spamming. So I eliminated double posting.