Weapon Statistics

In the next Trading System Update, there is going to be a Weapon Statistics GUI. This thread is mainly for suggestions for this new feature.

When it releases, the statistics gathered will include:
Kills, Highest Damage, Damage, Mob Kills, Highest Mob Damage (includes bosses), Boss Kills, Boss Damage

This is not the limit however, I am merely doing these as they are easily added along side each other. In future, I have in mind to add:
Hits, Misses, Accuracy (Calculated)

And additions to normal stats:
Highest Killing Streak, Highest Death Streak

The first open question is: What statistics do you think are useful to collect in addition to those posted?

On the topic of specifically the Weapon Statistics GUI, the interface will include a neat way of looking through all weapons you have used (and have therefore gained some statistic from) as well as it’s statistics. I’ve talked about the Tasks feature before, and one of the ideas for these new stats is something like “Get 10 kills with the Minishark in 30 minutes”. There’s also going to be Weapon-based achievements. Such as “Get 150 Kills with this weapon” the reward for getting this is “Viper Attachment; damage done with this weapon debuffs the enemy with Venom”.

The second open question is: What kind of features, attachments and/or achievements would you like to see?

If you have any further questions, or maybe suggestions that are not included by these questions, feel free to also go ahead and ask/suggest.

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A “preferred weapon” stat might be useful, calculated by number of uses (hits + misses, if total uses is not calculated immediately)

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That would be cool, we could use that to see what the most used weapon is, the most used melee, most used magic, most used ranged, etc. That way, if you’re trying to develop a PvP strategy, you can see what weapons most people use, and find ways to evade them.

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That would probably be the most reliable way. In the next update, I’m going to be using kills+damage for Most-Used PvP Weapon as Hits+Misses are not implemented yet.

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It would be cool if once you get to lvl 75 or higher you could get the Black Belt buff every 5th time something hits you :smiley:

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Lol rofl do you remember the fastest destroyer kill xD with the snowman cannon!

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