We want to pass round 16

Recently I asked other member playing zombies mode.

How do we pass round 16?

Their answer:

  • I wanna do that too.

  • Round 16 is the end of the most map.

  • Most of the zombies game end at round 11 nor 16.

The only map that where we can pass round 16 is cryptic castle.

I can even beat moonlord alone.

That it

Also it the most voted map on zombies.

Because it easy.

Newbie player can flexing, and pro player can advance further. And every one is happy. Right?

Why shouldn’t we get more of that kind?

I mean it playable for newbie, and oldbie can go pass round 16 even beat moonlord.

I think most people are like that. If not all. Agree?

After we beat this map, we feels boring and want to try new map, but we cant.

We can not do the same on the other map, because of the round 16 limit.


We need hope, not to say we’re no hope.

Everyone like it even noob nor pro.

That it.

some people dont want to play easy maps, you know

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Woah, buddy, that’s just a game. You need much training to get past Rd. 16 like Captain America needed much training to use his shield properly.

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This seems more of an opinion rather than a suggestion…

In short, you want a map that is as easy and as enjoyable as Cryptic Castle right?

There are maps that I can say which is not that easy however enjoyable. Like Laboratory of Madness and Pirates Harbour, and I’ve gotten past Round 20 on those maps. You do need a little bit of hardwork to get past round 16.

There is a post here somewhere in the forums that provides strategy for each map, search for it that might be of use to you.

There already are NEW maps which I find easy and enjoyable. Like the new map “Snow Ruins”.

To play it just type /vote Snow Ruins in the Intermission. Its pretty easy

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the problem with the rounds isnt the maps, its the enemies themselves, which are being replaced in the next update.


Hmm, you guy missunderstand. But it my bad, maybe I’ll write another one and explain my idea

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This is the way to solve our problem, we stoped most of the time because that stupid diabolist

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Sorry, this is the wrong category for such a suggestion. It’d be better to make it yourself or suggest it to someone else. This category doesn’t include suggestions for zombies maps themself