Wandering Architects Clan

Hi guys! After hanging around this great server for about a week, I’ve noticed some solid interest in building things from many of the crew. Therefore, in an effort everyone, I’m organizing The Wandering Architects clan!

As the name suggests, the clan will be focused on building neat stuff to spice up the server and helping anyone of any rank who would like the services of some more experienced/talented builders. So, in a nutshell, the three goals of this clan will be:

  1. Making the server look awesome, fabulous, etc

  2. Providing aid to anyone or any clan that would like some building help

  3. Having fun while creating a deeper, better play experience for all

Now, that’s the philosophy of the clan, but I will also stress that everyone who wants to take part as a WA architect needs to be kind and willing to learn. This applies to any clients we might have, other clan members, as well as any other DG member, regardless of rank. I don’t anticipate attitude being a problem with so many nice people on the server, but it’s a good start to ensure that every WA architect is as courteous as possible.

Finally, there will be a clan ranking system, as follows from highest to lowest, listing each vanity set or sets you will be permitted to wear on the job. These rank rewards are to act as an incentive to follow the clan philosophy and actively improve your building skills, as your rank will be a result of your reputation in the clan, but it will ultimately be my decision. Higher ranks can wear any lower rank vanities if they like.

(I’ll be adding armors to the list soon, so if you currently like using a particular armor set as your vanity and don’t like these vanities, feel free to use that armor set. I only ask that you try not to mix lots of vanities together; gotta look professional!)

  1. Guild-master: Dye Trader Robe, Robe, Tuxedo, Gangsta Hat, Sunglasses

  2. Mason: Steampunk set, Pirate Clothes, Leprechaun Costume, Pharoah’s Clothes

  3. Journeyman: Archeologist’s suit, Hero’s Clothes, the Doctor’s Clothes

  4. Novice: Plumber’s Clothes, Rain Clothes, Cowboy Costume

That’s all guys! I hope you like what you see here and decide to take part in helping the good folks at DG server out. If you have any concerns, shoot me a message here, at tiCker on TerrariaOnline.com, ClockWorkRed on Steam, or just try to catch me in-game as Dweeb. I’m on quite a bit, so finding shouldn’t be too difficult between those options.

Thanks! :smiley:

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Where do I join? You might want to include that XD

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Nice, but, I personally don’t like the vanity system. I wear dyed necro armor in place of my beetle armor, and that isn’t VANITY. Still, If I could possibly use my vanity set, I would love to join.

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When Statistics is back in and the Clan System is properly up, you’ll have the chance to actually build those ranks you’ve listed so people can have them in-game :smiley:


Sorry Minun, I’m a tad dense and I wrote this at 3am…what do you mean “where?” Like in the forums?

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Yes, like in a PM to you, or in this topic. Also, 3AM?!

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Oh (facepalm) of course. Any interested people can PM me on DG, request here, pm me at tiCker at TO.com, or ClockWordRed on Steam.

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